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Backpacker to Nomad info page

Hi, thanks for visiting this Backpacker to Nomad info page, I’m delighted you’re here. 

On this page you can find everything you need to know about my popular first travel memoir, why I wrote it, what to expect in the book and there’s also a little FREEBIE for you too.

A note from the Author Amit Vaidya (aka Forever Roaming the World)

This crazy nomadic journey of mine started in 2010, back then I would never had dreamt it would go on for so many years. To be honest, I didn’t even think it would last a few months, but somehow it just kept going, month after month year after year, country after country. It was by no means ever smooth, in fact it was a crap show at times. And that’s what this memoir is all about. 

Nobody starts off as an expert or experienced, and in this memoir I wanted to show the highs and lows, the emotional rollacoaster, and learning curves from poignant moments and events during those initial five and half years where I turned from naive backpacker finding my way and myself to an experienced nomad drifting with the wind. 

Amit Vaidya

Travel stories included in Backpacker to Nomad

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  1. Plans? Sure, they work !
  2. Me, Myself and I
  3. Clenched Skin
  4. Thor’s Ragdoll
  5. Nah, We’re Not Lost!
  6. Blood, Sweat and Mordor
  7. Peasant in Neverland
  8. Tuk-Tuks and Scams
  9. Paradise Hurts
  10. The Mighty Jungle
  11. Jurassic Bliss
  12. A Mekong Kinda Day
  13. Vagabond
  14. Ghetto Snobbing
  15. Backpacker to Nomad

Sneak peek 'Backpacker to Nomad' book excerpts

Go on, take a sneak peek at one or all of the travel stories included in the travel memoir. Each sneak peek gives you a glimpse, just enough to whet your appitite. 

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What readers are saying about 'Backpacker to Nomad'

Curious to know what others think of the travel memoir? Take a look at these amazing book reviews the book has been getting in such a short time

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'Backpacker to Nomad' is just the first book in the series


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Backpacker to Nomad writing journey

Want to go back and learn what the writing journey for ‘Backpacker to Nomad’ was like? Check out how I loved having readers involved in the process and how this book came to fruition.

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Author spotlight

When Amit left home in 2010, never in his wildest dreams could he foresee where this journey would take him. Alhough it has never been smooth Amit wouldn’t change a single minute. Who would have ever thought he would not only travel for so long but also become an Author sharing his remarkable story.

Amit is currently wandering where his nomadic life will take him next!

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