Travel Memoir: Backpacker to Nomad

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"Adventures and discovery meet misfortunes and despair through an epic five-and-a-half-year journey in this humorous travel memoir."

Backpacker to Nomad

Newbie British backpacker, Amit, finally escapes normality to explore Australia but of course, life’s never simple. The horrendous situations he gets into would have others scrambling for the first flight home but going back to England isn’t an option for Amit — Ever!

Backpacker to Nomad is a collection of unfiltered true travel stories unfolds an astonishing life-altering yet turbulent journey from the sun-kissed beaches of Australia to the jungles and ancient wonders of Southeast Asia. While incredible highs and jaw-dropping moments are experienced, Amit must dodge mental and physical obstacles on a daily basis. A Lunatic pilot plunging him to certain death, getting scammed in a new culture, and encounters with opium-addicted locals in jungles are just some of the escapades that become part of Amit’s everyday life.

So, what drives this insatiable wanderlust when the odds are against him? Why can’t he ever return to England? And how does he become a nomad?

If you dream of exploring the world or love reading about travel shenanigans get your copy today to find out and lose yourself in Amit’s unpredictable journey!

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Backpacker to Nomad: Excited to announce 1st travel memoir! 1
Backpacker to Nomad: Excited to announce 1st travel memoir! 2
Backpacker to Nomad: Excited to announce 1st travel memoir! 3
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Backpacker to Nomad: Excited to announce 1st travel memoir! 5

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How about a little taster of Backpacker to Nomad?

Plans? Sure, they work!

I was utterly hypnotized by the dancing colours almost frozen to the rails. All the roars in the surrounding area turned into muffled noises and disappeared—it was as if I was there alone and deaf to the noise. My body was glued to the iron fence but not from fear of falling into the potentially snake-infested foliage below, but from feeling like a helium balloon.

An emotion that I’d never felt before arriving in Australia but had become prominent here was back. It overtook everything, so light, warm, and fuzzy. It was addictive, and I was becoming hooked on it.

Is this what happiness actually feels like? asked an inner voice in a whisper as the realisation of this moment sank in.

To others, this might not be anything too special, but for me, there was no bigger accomplishment. For twenty-six years, life was a prison in a reality I wanted no part of, but these past couple of weeks, I’d felt alive, free of societies shackles, and dare I say it… genuinely happy. Finally living life, not just existing in it and the real start of this new reality. Where I’m from, people like me take to the bottle or stick needles in their veins for escape, then there are those who simply just exist through life but don’t live it. As much as I hated that life, that’s what I did—just floated through it, simply existing.

Forget about that, it’s in the past, you don’t need to think of it again—look at this, dreamt of this moment my entire life—shut up and enjoy it…  

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