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Backpacker to nomad by Amit vaidya author

Amit Vaidya’s travelling life started in 2010, where a one year backpacking trip turned into a nomadic life. He now brings to you travel stories from the first five years, to show how the adventures, discoveries and dispair he faced and experienced along the way shaped and moulded this unprecidented life. 

No day is ever simple or straightforward and that is shown in these travel stories, twists and turns can come at any moment. In these exclusive sneak peek posts you can get a little taste of what to expect in the travel memoir itself. 

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Backacker to nomad

Trapped with a lunatic pilot en route to a deserted Island in Australia where a cold hard reality hits like a freight train…

Unknowingly scaling active volcanoes in New Zealand with harsh consequences…

Experiencing a euphoric natural high in the heartlands of Jurassic Laos…

Long-term British budget backpacker, Amit, shares fifteen humorous yet thought provoking travel stories of adventures, discovery and despair from his ‘take the rough with the smooth’ journey from naïve backpacker to nomad.

Through the thrills and spills of his early calamitous struggles with solo travel, comfort zones are smashed, crippling fears are faced, there’s the odd brush with death, face off’s with wild animals and the reality of long-term travel life hits hard. While life is always on hand to throw spanners, this remarkable never-ending journey feels like living in an alternate reality.

Amit provides a unique perspective on life, his mentality, shows the transformation he undertakes and reveals why he cannot return to ‘normal life’ in this travel memoir sure to fill you with wanderlust and laughs.

Book excerpts

coming 19/07/22

travel story #8

misadventures in mordor

travel story #9

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travel story #10

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travel story #11

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travel story #12

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travel story #13

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travel story #14



Follow British backpacker Amit in this collection of travel stories from an unpredictable nomadic life. From his early calamitous struggles with solo travel, the odd brush with death, to ghetto snobbing, oh, and the monkeys! It’s a ‘take the rough with the smooth’  journey with no return ticket home


Backpacker to Nomad travel memoir by Amit Vaidya