Bucket list

Everybody at some stage of their lives has a Bucket list of sorts.

Some might be shorter than others, some might be for a set time period and others could be life long goals and dreams.

I always had a Bucket list for traveling years before I even started my journey around the world. It was more a goal list, something so out of reach to aspire to but I never thought I’d get to accomplish it. However once I started to travel, the list was ticked off and the unrealistic was more than possible.

Here is my Bucket list, split into what I have already done (Just the main stuff) and what I still want to do.

What I’ve done:

Traveled and lived in Australia.
Saw the Harbor bridge and opera house.
Spent Christmas on Bondi Beach.
Partied on many boats around the harbor.
Watched countless sunrises on the beach.
Experienced New years Eve in Sydney.(fireworks)
Experienced Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.
Saw humpback whales dive out of the sea.
fed a dolphin.
Saw a real shark.
Sailed over the Great barrier reef – Scuba dive.
Sky Dived over the Great Barrier Reef.
Saw crocodiles out in the wild.
White water rafted level 4 rapids.
walked on 100% silicone sand.
saw many Kangaroos.
stroked a koala.
held a python.
Saw snakes in the wild.
handled an eagle.
canoed through the Australian Everglades.
Got to fly a plane
Took part in a castaway experience.
Eat snake, kangaroo meat, shark and crocodile.
Saw an endangered animal in the wild. (a cassowary)
Experienced the Australian Outback. (the Bush)
Traveled New Zealand.
Experienced two weather systems meeting each other.
Lived in a van while I travel a country.
camped out under clearest stars I have ever saw.
Experienced stunning mountain ranges.
Abseiled into caves.
Walked through a glacier.
Hiked through Mordor (Tongariro crossing).
Walked in the crater of a dead Volcano.
Experienced natural hot springs, geysers and geothermal activity.
learnt the Haka.
spent time in a Maori village.
eat from a traditional Maori hangi.
Experienced the Milford Sounds (A natural world wonder).
Sky dived over snow-capped mountains from 19 thousand feet.
Learnt to snowboard.
Lived in Queenstown.
Traveled through Thailand.
Saw amazing Buddhist temples.
Spent a day amongst Buddhist priests.
Khoa San road (Bangkok).
Eat a scorpion, crickets and other insect delicacies.
Experienced stunning beaches and landscapes.
Full moon parties.
Rode on a long-boat
Out at sea during a tropical storm
Visited amazing paradise Islands.
Temples and ruins.
Stroked tigers.
Rode elephants (got to live a lifelong dream of being Mowgli from the Jungle Book)
Trekked through jungles.
Crossed the Mekong river.
Traveled Laos.
Drove a Tuk-tuk.
Finally learnt to use chop-sticks.
Experienced the magical landscape of this sleepy country.
Traveled Vietnam.
Ha long Bay.
Caving systems.
Crossed a road in Hanoi and survived.
Resisted getting that ‘travel tattoo’ (Although I do have tattoos)
Stayed in a city above the clouds.
Experienced my first floating city.
Eat Vietnamese delicacies.
Cu Chi tunnels.
Spent the day on a floating river market on the Mekong river.
Traveled Cambodia.
Shot guns for the first time (handguns and machine guns)
Experienced the Cambodian landscape.
Paul Potts killing fields (very sad)
Spent NYE on Pub Street.
Angkor Wat temples.
More temples and ruins.
Lived in Bali.
Lived in my own Villa with a swimming pool.
Fed a tiger.
Saw Komodo dragons.
Swam with sea turtles.
Spent the day amongst monkeys.
Saw amazing temples on beaches.
Lived like a king for the only time in my life.
Tasted the best cuisine/ fine dined in 5 star restaurants.
Experienced the Gilli Islands.
Eat the best seafood in my life.
Witnessed the mot amazing sun sets.
Flown Business Class 1st time ever.
Lived in Prague.
Traveled Mexico.
Mexico city.
Aztec Ruins – Teotihuacan, Palenque, Chichen Itza.
Stunning waterfalls.
Sumidero canyon.
Mayan Ruins.
Explored stunning hidden beaches on the Pacific Coast.
Amazing Colonial buildings.
Experienced Mexican Indigenous history.
Partied in Cannon and Playa Del Carmen.
Drank all kinds of tequila and Mescal.
Walked through a waterfall.
Traveled Guatemala.
Trekked through a jungle.
Saw amazing wildlife.
Stayed on a village in the middle of the lake.
Witnessed a volcano eruption.
Rode a chicken bus.
Crossed a lake with three active volcanoes.
Traveled Nicaragua.
Volcano boarded down the side of an active volcano.
Mayan temples in the jungle.
Traveled Colombia.
Lived the history of Bogotá and Medellin.
Stunning Caribbean beaches.
Trekked to the lost city.
Got lost in a Colombian Jungle.
Experienced the Medellin Favelas.
Traveled Peru.
Traveled from the beach to the desert.
The Peruvian Dessert.
Sand boarded.
Nazca Lines.
Machu Picchu.
Walked through the Andes.
Lake Titicaca.
Traveled Bolivia.
Drove over dangerous mountain side roads.
Highest Altitude I’ve ever felt.
Traveled through Bolivia.
Uyuni salt flats.
Got drunk in every country I’ve been in.
Drank local beer and spirits in each country.
Eat chicken wings in every country I’ve been to.

Those are the main items already ticked off my ever growing Bucket list, Below is what is still on my list.

Countries I need to Visit:

forever roaming the world

Europe – (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia , Lithuania.)

Argentina (mainly Patagonia)
South Africa.
UAE -Dubai.
South Korea.
South Pacific Islands.

 Activities/sights/To do:

Continue to taste/sample/drink local beers and spirits from every country I visit.
Find the best bacon in the world.
Find where I can skydive higher than 19 thousand feet and do it.
See the northern Lights.
Stay in Alaska.
Learn to speak Spanish Fluently by the end of 2017.
See all 7 wonders of the world from each category (even though they keep changing)
Watch a football match at the Nou Camp (Barcelona)
Easter Island.
Snowboard on Mount Whistler.
Sky Dive over the grand canyon (If possible)
Experience zero gravity.
Kiss a girl from every country in the world.
Learn to ride a motorbike.
Base jump at least once.
Abseil down a waterfall more than a 100 ft.
Everest base camp.
Experience the ruins of Petra Jordan.
Ride a camel.
The Egyptian Pyramids.
Spend a night in the Sahara desert.
Build my own cabin in a forest and live in it for at least a week.
Ride on a monster truck.
Eat in the floating restaurant.
La tomatina festival in Spain.
Coachella festival.
Tomorrow land festival.
Brazil Carnival.
Night trip through the Everglades in Florida.
Experience Chinese new year in China.
Find a monastery in the Chinese mountains.
Learn the samurai in Japan.
Float in the dead sea.
Ride a helicopter.
Get a pizza named after me.
Visit the Colosseum in Rome.

Personal/career growth:

Continue to grow this site.
Make this site into a recognized travel sight over the next 10 years.
Make my brand recognized with traveling.
Write and publish my memoirs.
Become location independent.

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