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This is not another ‘my budget travel tips’ are the perfect way to travel or the ‘ultimate guide’ to budget travel

I know there are thousands of ‘budget travel tips’ posts out there. While some may be useful I find most of them try dictating to you, telling you their way is the only way.

Let me just say, no matter how long anybody has traveled for, nobody should ever dictate to you how to travel. Traveling is about freedom, if that means you want to do something a certain way then you do it your way. You travel the way you want to, you make your own mistakes, you learn from them and ultimately it’s your own growth and experience.

Making mistakes is part of the parcel

Having budget traveled since 2010 (continuously from 2010 -2016) I’ve made some massive blunders, gone into situations blind, terribly misjudged and misused budgets. I’ve made some really bad decisions but managed to come out those proverbial shit pipes relatively clean. I’m not saying I’m perfect now; far from it. However, I did learn from my mistakes and the evolution helped me sustain long-term travel.

Here’s the thing, and there’s no point trying to kid anybody; budget traveling can be difficult and long-term budget travel even more so. The harsh truth is not everybody can cope with it. Over the years traveling the world on the tightest of budgets, I learned, adapted and evolved to travel smart and picked up a lot of tricks along the way which I would like to pass on to you to make your journey easier.

You may be looking to go on your first shoestring budget trip, you might already be a budget traveler who finds it hard to stick to your budget (we’ve all been there) or you might just need some advice and insights into budget travel.

Below you will find budget travel resources, insights, advice and blog posts to help make your budget trip run smoother and help you on your journey.

Budget travel resources.

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