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Traveling life 5th Christmas abroad (exclusive travel memoir excerpt #14)

It was like looking in the mirror when old friends arrived to spend Christmas & New years eve with Amit. This would be his 5th away from England. Life had taken Amit in a new direction and for the first time in his life, he was flush with cash ‘ghetto snobbing’ as he puts it and was keen to show off to his friends and show he had conquered his biggest fear much to their surprise.

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Incredible mysteries of ancient Cambodia (new travel memoir excerpt #13)

Amit had stopped seeing himself as a backpacker, he was well adversed into the local culture, doing as the locals do, seeing life from their perspective and not as a foreign traveler. He could spot scammers & they could see him. However a day of exploring a famous sight posed more questions & answers. Maybe the conspiracy theories were more fact than fiction.