Since 2010 I have slowly floated around the world. I know There are people who have been to a lot more countries in a much shorter space but traveling isn’t a race. I don’t like to have a time limit on my travels.

If you’re planning a trip to one of the countries I’ve traveled to click on the country of your choice and it will take you to my guide and route for that country.

Don’t worry I’m not telling you my guides and routes are the best or the only way but we all need a bit of guidance sometimes. I always look at other backpackers and bloggers traveling routes before I decide which way will be the best for me.

England (Home)


Spain – Holiday

Greece – Holiday

Germany – Visited

         Australia – Backpacked and Lived (Working holiday visa info)

Click on pictures for guides

Backpacking Australia

New Zealand – Backpacked and lived (twice) (Working holiday visa info)

Backpacking New zealand

Thailand – Backpacked.

backpacking thailand

Laos – Backpacked.

backpacking laos

Vietnam – Backpacked.

Backpacking Vietnam

 Cambodia – Backpacked.

backpacking cambodia

Czech Republic – Lived

Bali, Indonesia – Lived

Singapore – Lots of short trips

USA – Holiday

Mexico – Backpacked.

Guatemala – Backpacked.

Nicaragua – Backpacked.

backpacking Nicaragua

Belize – Quickly traveled

Costa Rica – Passed through

El Salvador – Passed through

Panama – Passed through

Colombia – Backpacked. (very slowly)

backpacking Colombia

Peru – Backpacked.

backpacking Peru

Bolivia – Backpacked.

backpacking bolivia




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