Countries traveled.

In 2010 my life flipped on its head…

I’ve been roaming the world ever since!

Over the years of solo and budget traveling I’ve turned from a novice backpacker to an experienced long-term budget traveler.

From the experience I have gained I feel it’s right to share the knowledge I’ve picked up with you and anybody looking to travel to any country that I’ve had the pleasure of traveling or living in.

Granted I’m sure there are people who have been to more countries than I have but I am a slow and long-term traveler. I don’t see the point in being just a passport stamp collector. What I mean is I don’t just skim through a country then claim to be an expert on that country, I spend as much time in a country as I possibly can.

Below you will find a list of countries I’ve traveled to, lived in or was there for just a short holiday. Below the list you will find country overviews/guides with a twist for the countries I traveled through on a long-term basis.

England (Home)


Europe: Total 10 months

Spain – Holiday 

Greece – Holiday 

Germany – Visited  

Czech Republic – lived 

Oceania: Total 3 years

Australia – Backpacked/lived 

New Zealand – Backpacked/lived 

South East Asia: Total: 1 year 3 months

Thailand – Backpacked

Laos – Backpacked

Vietnam – Backpacked

Cambodia – Backpacked

Bali – Lived

Singapore – Lots of short trips

North America:

USA – Holiday 

Central America : Total: 6 Months

Mexico – Backpacked

Belize – Quickly traveled

Guatemala – Backpacked 

Nicaragua – Backpacked 

Costa Rica – Passed through

El Salvador – Passed through

Panama – Passed through

South America: Total: 6 months

Colombia Backpacked 

Peru Backpacked 

Bolivia Backpacked

North Africa: Total 1 week

Morocco – Holiday

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Oceania country guides

South East Asia country guides


Central America Country guides



South America country guides




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