country overviews

find ground level perspectives, insights, tips, things to be wary of and more - all countries ive visited personally and no overviews are written by 3rd parties or countries i don't have extensive knowledge of and stayed for at least a month. i do not think it's fair to write an overview of a country i've just passed through in less time


All country overviews listed below are from countries I have personally traveled, backpacked and lived in personally and spent more than 6 months in at any given time, some I have spent years in, and others visited multiple times. 

I haven’t however listed any countries I have spent less than 6 months in because I feel it wouldn’t give an accurate country overview. I don’t think anybody can claim to be an expert or an authority on anywhere if they have just spent a few days or weeks in that particular place. 

In these country overviews you will not find any packing tips nor any itineraries 


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