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Get the latest news, exclusives and insights into upcoming book releases from Forever Roaming the World: Next release : You, yourself & the World - Conquer your fears and get the answers you need before your first long term solo travel journey

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Learn how you can become a nomad on the tightest budgets just as I have since 2010. I'm always broke but I've learnt how to keep it going and I want to share it with you.

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Having solo traveled all over the world since 2010, I give you extensive insights into solo traveling, coping when times are difficult alone and how to maintain it

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Brand new My Journey series: Backpacking Australia where it all began! - For the first time I reveal and chronicle those first two years as a backpacker. All the ups, highs, lows, emotional states and many f*&k ups. How did I survive for 2 years having arrived with just £600 to my name?

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Long term budget travel is not a holiday and things don't always work out. I show you behind the veil and expose traveling realities

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Get exclusive offers and discounts on backpacking supplies from one of many of Forever Roaming the World's worldwide partners

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