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Guest post opportunities for travel bloggers and publications.

Hi there, do you have a solo or budget travel story to share? Want to reach a new audience by sharing some interesting and valuable solo or budget travel insights? Or would you like Forever Roaming the World to guest post on your blog/publication?

By featuring on Forever Roaming the World you are given the platform to be free and say what you want, no holds barred and no filters about solo and budget travel. Forever Roaming the World’s audience appreciate honesty far more than over-glamorization and just the ‘generic’ blog posts.

If you don’t already know, find out who forever Roaming the World is here.

Guest post/features offered to bloggers and publications:


Forever Roaming the World is happy to guest post for the following subjects:

  • Solo and budget travel insights, tips and helpful resources
  • Interviews on nomad life, being an expat, long-term traveling, solo, and budget traveling
  • Expertise and experience based posts on long-term budget travel (I traveled from 2010 -2016 continuously)
  • Life of an expat in a foreign country
  • Country or city guides/overviews with relevant and practical information for budget travelers
  • Insights into hostel life, hostel etiquette, general things to know about hostels, the difference in long and short-term stays
  • Advice on how to get the most out of traveling on tight budgets and how to survive on next to nothing
  • No holds barred, tackling and addressing issues and challenges that come with long-term traveling and how to overcome them (Some content may be controversial and split opinions)
  • Mental states and battles with yourself – How long-term backpacking/traveling can affect you, change your perceptions and detach you from reality
  • Or if there is any other subject you would like me to cover I’d be happy to listen to your idea

Previous guest posts:

Email: [email protected] with details of your request.

Forever Roaming the World is currently  NOT accepting guest posts 

Long-term Solo travel/ Budget travel/ hostels/night or sleeper bus/train experiences.

All guest posts will be shared across all Forever Roaming the World’s social media platforms, will include a link back to your website, shared on travel groups, sent out in Forever Roaming the World’s newsletter and will sit prominently in the relevant subject sections for maximum exposure.

Requirements for all guest posts:

Have a DA of 26+

Posts between 900 – 2000 words.

Your blog name, website URL and social media handles.

5 of your own pictures relevant to the post.

You are free to write whatever you would like as long as it’s about your own personal experiences and feelings. The only things I’m not looking for are generic posts, any ‘to do and see posts, ”top 10 lists or over-glamorized posts.

Long-term budget travel (6 months+)

If you’ve had experience of long-term budget travel (6 months +, the longer the better) I’d love you to share your story/ experiences/ insights/ tips and advice/ on forever roaming the world.

Simply Email: [email protected] to discuss your ideas or for more information.


You should have a DA of 26+

Have you got a unique collaboration idea you would like to share with Forever Roaming the World? I’d love to hear from you, just simply shoot me an email with your idea:

Email: [email protected]


Want to explore Forever Roaming the World first? Head over to the start here page to begin your adventure.


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