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Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..

Your bags are packed, you head out into the world full of wanderlust and some nerves, you start your adventure but then you’re hit by traveling realisms! What do you do? 

There are two sides to every story and It’s no different with long term traveling. There is the mind blowing, creating unforgettable memories, experience things you couldn’t imagine, life changing side and then there is the other side..

(Please note: The traveling realisms posts in this series mostly applies to those looking to or are budget or solo traveling/backpacking long term. I.E 6 months+. To those only traveling for a few days or a couple of weeks, these posts probably don’t have any relevance to you.)

It’s the side we don’t like to think about, the side that doesn’t get talked about much, because…well It’s not glamorous, not pretty or appealing – It’s the traveling realisms & realities of everyday life, the things that get edited out of what you read and see. 

Have you ever noticed how when you research traveling you’re mostly only shown the shiny side? You get told about the adventures, you see the jaw dropping picturesque scenery, the incredible stories but where is the in between stuff? 

For example you read an article about experiencing a night market, it talks about the vibrancy, the mouth watering food, the atmosphere but there is no mention of the communication issues. Or you see pictures from the highest peaks, tempting you, telling you how you can experience it, but it conveniently leaves out the struggles, and arduous journey it took to get there. 

Before your long term travels begin, you will read and see so much about how easy it is to pack your bags and travel the world without mentioning or making you aware of the nuts and bolts, the everyday life. 

  • Next to no mention about downer days
  • Times you will feel lonely
  • Times you might run out of money and low on funds
  • How to replenish depleted funds 
  • The possibility of falling into a party lifestyle
  • What happens when the novelty runs out 
  • The possibility of getting bored 
  • Feeling like crap, accidents, things going wrong, making bad decisions
  • Transport and accommodation not being what you expected
These are traveling realisms & realities you will come up against and face during your long term travels.
Traveling Realisms & realities post - Forever Roaming the World - Pic 1

Our fault too

All the blame cannot be placed on the things we see and read though, we have to shoulder the blame too because we don’t want to really think about it. 

We are all guilty of it. When the time comes to plan a trip, the excitement, nervousness, fear and anxiety takes over, we seek out all the amazing things we will experience. We think of the highs, discovery and adventure but we rarely think about what everyday life will be like. We build pictures in our heads, thinking of jumping from one adventure to the next, we don’t think about the in-between days, or how we will feel months into our travel life once the novelty runs out. 

It’s only once we experience it for ourselves that we think ‘Oh I wish I knew about this before’. 

Helping you become aware of traveling realisms for your future travels

This traveling realisms & realities series was created to help you for your future long term travels whether that’s solo or budget traveling. It’s to help you be aware of the traveling realisms & realities, so when you’re faced with the situation you will know how to cope, overcome, adapt and even thrive rather than panicking. 

I’ve traveled all over the world for over a decade, I’ve been through most situations, I’ve cursed that I wasn’t made aware of certain things beforehand and I’ve met so many first time travelers who didn’t know how to deal with situations because they just weren’t aware. So this series is to help prevent that happening to you.

Traveling Realisms & realities post - Forever Roaming the World - Pic 2

Traveling realisms series covers

Long term travel can be gruelling at times, there are times you have to dig deep, find motivation to keep the lifestyle going and you do have to have mental toughness. It’s not a long holiday that’s for sure. 

You have to be willing and prepared for both sides of the coin, the good and the bad, take the rough with the smooth. However the series of posts below will help you prepare for when traveling realisms appear for you. 

The traveling realisms posts covered in the series: 

  1. Adapting to hostel life 
  2. Reasons you can get stuck in one place long than anticipates 
  3. How to cut costs and make money stretch when funds run low 
  4. Learning to deal and cope with language and communication problems 
  5. The backpacker party culture 
  6. What everyday long term and backpacking life is really like 
  7. How to deal with loneliness when it hits 
  8. How the backpacker hostel bubble can turn into a trap
  9. How long term travelers can lose sight of reality
  10. How to cope & deal with constant hello’s & goodbyes

Long term budget traveling realisms series:

Hostel life feature pic
Episode 1: Hostel life, what your 1st experience can be like
Getting stuck whilst traveling: it happens: Traveling realisms part 2 You never think it will happen to you until it does. For us long-term backpackers, there are times we can get stuck whilst traveling. This post shows you the reasons it could happen to you. #backpacker #backpacking #longtermtravel #budgettravel #budgetbackpacker #solotravel #solobackpacker #backpackertips #traveltips #travelblog
Episode 2: How you can get stuck longer than expected
Long Term Traveling Realisms 10pt Series: How To Overcome them 1
Episode 3: When you funds run low or out
Long Term Traveling Realisms 10pt Series: How To Overcome them 2
Episode 4: language & communication problems
This part 5 of forever roaming the worlds traveling series, this one backpacker party culture covers how backpackers like to party and party destinations around the world
Episode 5: The backpacker party culture
this latest traveling realisms series part 6 long term budget backpacking life covers what everyday life is really like
Episode 6: Your traveling life how it can evolve
This post covers when you feel lonely solo traveling long term long-term. It happens to all of us but there are ways to combat those times your start feeling lonely
Episode 7: Dealing with loneliness
Disguised as a bubble, providing you with a comfort zone, but secretly stripping away your motivation the backpacker hostel bubble turns into a trap. This post shows how It’s not always a bad thing but it can be dangerous.
Episode 8: hostel trap
forever roaming the worlds post - longterm backpackers losing sight with reality, feature pic
Episode 9: losing sight with reality
solo backpacker goodbyes is a post by Forever Roaming the World on how backpackers get used to saying goodbye all the time
Episode 10: Hello's & Goodbyes


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There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page.
Long Term Traveling Realisms 10pt Series: How To Overcome them 4


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Mario · October 18, 2017 at 11:23 am

I’m no full-time traveler but I could already imagine it not being always easy or glamorous… I really love the way you wrote this no-bullshit post describing the ups and downs you can have while having to look at your budget while on the road.

Ambuj Saxena · October 17, 2017 at 9:32 pm

Thanks a ton for pointing the cons of long term budget traveling. I always had doubts whether i love traveling or i like to travel. I think that your post has clarified that I cant travel for a long time. It has to be short trips and back home. Thanks once again!

    foreverroamingtheworld · October 17, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    It’s interesting that you’re seeing them as cons, the point of the posts are not to put anybody off traveling, more just make aware that it’s not always going to rosy. But at the end of the day long-term traveling isn’t for everybody.

Chris · October 17, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Yeah dude, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s an interesting read, to share the less glamorous side of it all.

A couple other difficulties that can arise – loosing your bank card / getting your account frozen. If you are travelling solo you are pretty screwed as you don’t have close, trusted friends around you who you could borrow money off. Loosing or renewing your passport it also a bit of a shitter.

Good read man, thanks!

Louiela · October 17, 2017 at 8:52 am

I really wished for a long term travel… but responsibilities and budget won’t allow me to.. so I went for 3 months that became 5 months… even for a short-term, the discomforts are real as you mentioned above… but still, the joy and fun still win ?

neha · October 17, 2017 at 6:20 am

The series really sounds interesting. Yes, we always fancy very nice things when we plan our travel but at times the unexpected and unforeseen happen and then they upset our whole budget. It’s important to learn how to provision for them and still be able to travel long term on a budget

Alexander Popkov · October 17, 2017 at 2:06 am

Well done! Myself, I was always dreaming of traveling long-term,
At the moment, my work makes me travel a lot., a good third of my time I am somewhere else. It has its benefits, the company pays for your flights, but you can stay in a location longer by yourself.
On one side it is good, but unlike a long-term traveler, I don’t get to stay in locations I love for as long as I want. And during most of the trip, I hardly get to know local cultures, more communicating with expats like me.

Johann · October 16, 2017 at 7:05 am

You have laid out an excellent post here. For months even I was battling the fear of long-term travel and living without an address. I knew my money wouldn’t last. Although I’m a huge fan of a nomad life I did weight the pros and cons like you did. I thought hey, I could have a small space as a base and move around travel weekend, maybe a few weeks and then come back, rest, recooperate. That works out for me as of now. Travel has truly shaped a lot about me in the past few years and has been a catalyst for change. Thank you for sharing your realism with us. ? Looking forward to the series.

Gabby · October 15, 2017 at 9:58 pm

I’m no full-time or long-term traveler but I can completely imagine that it is often daunting and is not always as glamorous as it looks. Good for you for showing another side to it!

Jack · October 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm

Very interesting article, long term backpacking certainly wouldn’t be for me but I get the points, everybody chooses their own way of travelling!

Monica · October 15, 2017 at 12:09 pm

Yep! That pretty much sums it up. Wish I read this before I left for two months backpacking through Scandinavia 8 years ago. It was my first ever trip outside the country, I was 21, had 300 euro budget for the entire duration of my trip, and every now and there I had a trip partner, but the best time I had, was traveling solo.

It sounds super glamorous but it is an experience that is going to change your mindset. And yes, if you can’t adapt, it can easily transform into a nightmare. In some cases it will have you in survival mode (sleeping at -20 on a bench in a train station in Sweden waiting for a connection), camping in snow outside Oslo, hitching a ride with truck drivers, getting picked up by German policy outside Berlin.

It is difficult, but it is also INSANELY awesome!

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