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Are you thinking of long term solo travel once travel gets back to some sort of normality in the future but worried how you can make solo travel friends?

Don’t worry It’s a fear many have. In-fact It’s one of the biggest fears that stopped many taking the step in the past. But here’s the thing – You can always make solo travel friends – It’s as easy or as hard as you make – The opportunities though they will always be there.

The fear that you will not make solo travel friends stops so many from taking the first step into long term travel. Even though most do research, watch vlogs and have a little understanding of travel life our brains still try and convince us we will be alone.

It was the same for me before I started long term solo travel back in 2010. I knew I would meet people, make friends but that little voice tried to convince me otherwise.

It doesn’t matter the type of person you are, if your shy or loud, introvert or extravert, brash or timid, nervous and full of anxiety or confident – You will make solo travel friends and in this post you will see how and where.

Make solo travel friends anywhere you want

Ok, lets dive right in, in this post we are going to show you:

  1. Your prerogative to make solo travel friends
  2. Where you can make solo travel friends
  3. Different levels of friendships
  4. Common types of solo travel friends (9 common types)

Your prerogative to make solo travel friends

People choose to travel solo for their own reasons and you will have yours. It might be a simple case of there is nobody else to travel with or it could that you need to escape and be alone for a while. You might want to find and make friends with people while traveling, but remember you are not obligated to.

Many of us love solo traveling because of the freedom it brings. It’s not like group travel or with partners where there has to be give and take. We do things on our terms and It’s the same when we make solo travel friends. It’s up to us when we wan to make friends.

If there are situations you find yourself in and don’t want to make friends then don’t feel like you have to or are obligated to. However when you do want to make solo travel friends but the other person isn’t being receptive don’t force it that way either. You’re not going to get along with everybody and they are not obligated to be your friend either.

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You can make solo travel friends anywhere.

Quite literally It’s anywhere, there will always be opportunities to make solo travel friends but It’s up to you if you do or don’t. There are some situations and settings where it will be easier to make friends than others but It’s down to you.

It might be hard to believe before you start traveling but although you are solo traveling It’s quite hard to be alone. People who travel short term for a few days or weeks will more likely be alone while solo traveling than those traveling long term except if you really go off the grid.

Those who travel short term, for a few days or weeks, tend to stay in hotels or in solitude and because they’re on the move all the time don’t have the time to make friends. However those who travel long term tend to do so on budgets, they tend to stay in shared accommodation, and hang around in locations longer so there is more time to make friends.

So where can you make solo travel friends?

  • Make solo travel friends at the airport/bus station/ train station
  • On the flight/bus/train/tour groups, they’re great to make backpacker friends
  • Arriving in your new destination
  • Your accommodation, especially in a hostel. Hostels are probably the easiest place to make backpacker friends
  • Walking tours, bike tours (a lot of destinations have free walking tours you can join in morning or evenings and great place to make solo travel friends)
  • In cafes, bars, restaurants are great places to make solo travel friends
  • Make solo travel friends on excursions, tours, trips, events
  • By simply walking around and getting to talk to people
  • On a beach, a hike, sightseeing,
  • A chance meeting can lead to becoming solo travel friends
  • By just becoming a regular face to locals
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How to make solo travel friends?

While the where is the easy part the how can be a little more difficult in making friends solo traveling for some of you. Everybody has different personalities, some of you will not have any issues making friends, while it will be daunting for others. That’s the beauty of solo traveling there are al types of people, personalities, characters and nationalities who do it.

While at home you may find it hard to meet people like yourself, there is a much higher chance of meeting people who have the same interests and are like you while traveling. You will also notice there is a higher chance of getting along with personality types that you necessarily wouldn’t back home.

Easiest ways to make friends solo traveling:

  • Be friendly
  • Be respectful
  • Be approachable
  • Be open minded and non-judgemental of others
  • A simple smile can go a long way, say hi
  • If you are staying in hostels, It’s one of the easiest places to make friends
  • When doing tours and excursions, don’t hide away, talk to people
  • Put yourself out there to make friends
  • Say yes not no – when somebody asked if you want to grab a drink, get some food, watch a movie, do a tour, take a walk, say yes – what the worst that can happen?
  • Get involved with social gatherings – your hostel might hold an event, or have a BBQ night, pub crawls
  • In hostels one of the easiest ways is to drink, get drunk, party with other guests,
  • Join in with games in the hostel
  • A hostel kitchen is a great place to meet others, cook with them, sit and eat together
  • Join a couch surfing event
  • Check for local Facebook groups they might organise get togethers
  • There are groups online for travelers to meet and get to know each other
  • Be sociable in bars, cafes, eateries with locals
  • Hang out in local social places and don’t be afraid to talk to people
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You have to put the leg work in at times

If you are very shy, are full of anxiety It’s ok, take your time to settle and feel comfortable. Sometimes the best thing to do is just keep yourself visible, be in and around the social interactions without pushing yourself in too quickly. Others will recognise you, they may invite you to join them or you may come out your shell and join them. The worst thing to do is just hide away as that will lead to loneliness.

However in saying that, there are times you will have to put some leg work in yourself. Not everybody will jump up to be your friend or instigate a conversation. Just as you’re under no obligation to make friends nor are they. You have to make some effort too, especially if you’re around more experienced travelers who may already have their circle of friends.

Different levels of friendships

As you start your journey you will see just how many people you come into contact with, along the way there are going to be different levels of solo travel friends you make, especially if you’re staying in hostels. Some are going to be just faces that pass in a blur and others are going to be deep connections who feel more like family.

People also travel at different speed; you may be a slow traveler but some people you make solo travel friends with travel quicker or vice versa. Connections can be broken and you loose touch with each other while others you will have constant contact with.

Level 3 – Those you come in contact with, you could be friends with while in each-others company but as soon as one of you leave they just become a blur or forgotten about completely

Level 2 – Those you become friends with, get along with well and are even quite close while in each others company. Once you leave each other, you keep in touch, follow each other on Social media, but eventually the friendships fades out.

Level 1 – The ones that become closer than family. They are the friends you make for life. While in each others company you do everything together. Once one leave there is still contact. They are the ones you’re most likely to keep seeing in the future, the bond created are too strong. Even if you don’t speak for a while, when you do meet up again It’s like you never left each other.

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Different types of solo travel friends you’ll make

You’ve seen how to make friends solo traveling, you’ve seen where you can make friends solo traveling and you’ve seen the different levels of solo travel friends you can make but what about the different types of solo travel friends or travel friends might you make?

  1. Hostel solo travel friends
  2. Other accommodation/ couchsurfing solo travel friends
  3. Drinking/bar/Party solo travel friends
  4. Excursion/tour/sightseeing friends/ Walking tour backpacker friends
  5. Same route/ solo travel friends
  6. Work/volunteer solo travel friends
  7. Local friends
  8. Meeting yourself
  9. Travel romances
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Hostel friends

Backpacker hostels are the easiest place to make backpacker friends for a number of reasons but also keep in mind there are different types of hostels to suit different personalities.

  • They are mainly social places
  • Have ample opportunities for backpackers to get to know each other
  • Meet people in dorm rooms
  • Others in social areas around the hostel
  • Meet people in the kitchen, cook together, eat together
  • Some hostels have a family enviroment
  • Organised and un-organised events
  • There are different types of hostels to suit you, some are more sociable and crazier (party hostels) to others.
  • Start eating and drinking together
  • Doing activities/tours/excursions together
  • Start hanging out together
  • Before you know it do everything together

Hostel life can become quite an intense vortex, you’ll meet people from all walks of life, and people you wouldn’t associate with back home. Yet in a hostel you can become solo travel friends, create bonds, and connect with people after 5 minutes of meeting them and in turn make friends solo traveling. Friends in hostels can quicky create a mini community or even a micro society. For the period you’re all together nothing outside your bubble matters.

Looking to book a hostel for your trip – have you looked at the worlds most popular and trusted hostel site – HostelWorld

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Other accommodation/ couch surfing

It’s not just in backpacker hostels you’ll meet likeminded people. You might opt against staying in a hostel and choose couch surfing, Airbnb or a house share. It will be the same type of scenario but less people. Like in staying in smaller more intimate hostels, you might get to know your hosts or other backpackers on more of a personal level. You may find you all start to travel together in a group rather than going your separate ways.

Drinking/Party friends

The type of solo travel friends you do nothing else with but party and get drunk or high with. You do your own things during the day but when it comes to partying you become best of friends.

  • It might be in the hostel
  • Drink in the same bars together
  • Love each other’s drunk company
  • If there is a party you both will be there
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Excursion/ walking tour/ tours/ sightseeing buddies

There is a good chance you will make travel friends while on excursion, tours, walking tours and trips. You might just have different interests to other people you’ve made friends with, or just like to do things alone. You might find others with the same interests and only meet them on excursions and tours.

The more excursions and tours you’re on together, the more you start hanging out together during it and become friends. You might still go your separate ways once the excursion is over but safe in the knowledge that friendly face will be there the next time.

Some tour company also offer meetups after tours and excursions or on certain days of the week so you can get to know other travelers

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Same route travel friends

There are some countries or regions you’ll go to where everybody takes the same kind of routes like the East coast of Australia or the Gringo trails through Central America. These are well-trodden paths and you’re likely to see the same faces along the way.

You might start off as strangers but the more you bump into them the more you recognise each other

  • Your traveling routes are in-sync
  • Keep bumping into each other in the same destinations
  • Or bus and train stations
  • Slowly start hanging out together
  • You may stick to your own plans – meet up hang out then go your own way
  • Potentially start traveling together as you become friends
  • Still do your own thing but travel together
  • Start doing the same things
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Work/ Volunteer travel friends

If you’re on a working holiday visa, replenishing your backpacking funds with work or giving back and being part of a volunteer program you’re likely to make friends with the people around you.

If you’re working the other people might start out as just work colleagues but over time you might start doing this outside of work together and end up friends. Or it might just be at work that you’ve become friends, you click at work but have no real interests outside of it.

If you decide to do some volunteering work, you’re more than likely getting a place a sleep and eat. It will feel more like you’re part of a community with likeminded people rather than work colleagues, and you’ll find that you start becoming close to people and become friends

Making local friends while solo traveling

The longer you travel, or if you travel slow and stay in a location for longer the chances are you will start getting to know locals. Making friends with locals can be an enriching experience in that not only will you see and learn things from a different perspective, they will start passing on more local knowledge and insight.

You can be friends with locals by:

  • Being friendly
  • Being approachable
  • Putting in effort, like attempting to speak the local language
  • Hanging out in local areas
  • Eating in local eateries
  • Hanging out in local social areas
  • Getting involved with local events
  • In local cafes and bars
  • Not being afraid to conversate with them

You will notice the more you stay in one place the more they will recognise you and be more receptive to you. Locals are friendly with you if you show them the right respect.

Or you might just have a chance meeting, bump into one randomly, getting talking and hit it off. Next thing you know you feel like you’ve known each other all your lives and instantly become not just travel friends but lifelong friends.

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Meeting yourself

No, I don’t mean self-discovery or meeting your doppelganger, I mean there will be somebody you come across who is the exact same as you. The funny thing is you won’t know anything about each other, you might already be staying in the same place and have made the same friends but are not friends yourselves. It will be only after a chance meeting that you just instantly click and realize you’ve met yourself.

  • You both have the same mentality
  • Think the same
  • Same characteristics
  • Same mannerisms, personalities
  • The same outlook
  • Same views and opinions
  • The same things in common
  • Same interests
  • Always on the same page and wavelength

Traveling romances

The spanner in the works or the best thing that can happen to you – it could go either way.

Everybody is human at the end of the day, there are going to be people:

  • You’re attracted to
  • There are some you’ll fall for and
  • Have the right chemistry with
  • Some you’ll just have hook ups with

It happens. You’ll meet somebody, you’ll click, hang out possibly, and either you’ll hook up and go your separate ways, maybe become fuck buddies or it could turn into a travel relationship.

Traveling relationships can be brilliant or really tough. They can be brilliant as you’ve found somebody to make and share your trip and memories with; you’ve found a companion. Or, it can be a spanner in the works because you merge your travel plans together, you both make sacrifices to things the other wanted to do. You’ve gone from being a solo traveler doing things on your own terms and pace to compromising. What you thought you wanted might not be the case and it could turn into a bigger headache than It’s worth.

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Groups to make solo travel friends

If you really struggle to make solo travel friends along the way, there are also groups you can get involved with online. Check online there’s always

  • Facebook groups – travelers make groups of the area your in, meetup groups etc
  • Get on twitter see If there are people in the area or any groups and get togethers set up
  • Lonely planet travel communities – Lots on online communities
  • Couchsurfing community – Organised events in local areas for travelers to meet
  • TravellersPoint – A travelers website, you can post on there to see if others are in the same area
  • Local community events, get togethers, social events
  • Online travel communities

You’ll find other backpackers and even locals sometimes who organise events and get togethers for solo backpackers to meet and get to know each other, which is another great way to make friends.

So many ways to make solo travel friends

And there we have it. As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to make solo travel friends and levels of friends wherever you wish to.

As a long term solo traveler, believe me, there will be times you will find it hard to have space and time alone.

One last thing I will leave you with – It’s actually easier to make friends while solo traveling than in groups. As weird as that may sound, solo travelers are just more open because they are by themselves. Whereas those traveling with partners or in groups are content with their own circle of friends.

If you’ve been worried about how to make solo travel friends, I hope this post has eased that concern.

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How to Make Solo travel friends: 9 awesome different types 1


The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
The question isn’t if you’ll make friends as a solo backpacker, but what will be the different types of solo travel friends you’ll make. This post covers those different types and levels of friendships you can create. #backpacker #solotravel #backpackerfriends #travelblog #budgettravel #backpackerlife #solobackpacker #solotravelfriends #backpackerfriends
How to Make Solo travel friends: 9 awesome different types 2


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Liliane Fawzy · August 11, 2017 at 8:41 pm

I’ve yet to take a solo trip but this has been one of my concerns about it. Good to know it’s easier than I think to make friends!

Aditi Mathur Kumar · August 4, 2017 at 2:25 pm

I absolutely love solo travel because it has given me wonderful friends almost every time. Agree with each point you made in this post. I especially love if I have local friends, but that is something I have to work on for a lot of destinations. ?
Great post!

Clare · August 4, 2017 at 11:38 am

I have met so many people while travelling and then done trips to go visit them. I always stay in hostels as they are a great way of meeting people. I feel I have more in common with these people than my friends at home who don’t even ask me about my travels when I go back to visit!!

Suman doogar · August 3, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Thanks for writing this, many people are afraid of travelling solo… Its good somebody is talking about it…

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 3, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    thank you very much, that’s one of the reasons why I started to write. I do feel a lot of people who want to travel solo or budget backpack are apprehensive as there is a lack of information about the other side of the curtain. I know from personal experience I didn’t get informed on so much of what it’s like to solo budget travel before I started to travel. Glad you enjoyed this.

lexieanimetravel · August 2, 2017 at 4:07 pm

solo travelling is a very risky decision however on the other side you have a lot of advantages and you can travel cheaper. I love your courage and experience to be out there in the wilderness. I salute your articles such an incredible blog 🙂

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks for your kind words, I hope you continue to like my content as I grow 😀 (Just finished my 2nd full month of blogging) – Solo traveling is what suits me best but I do understand it doesn’t suit everybody. Over the years I’ve met people who are super confident and just throw themselves out there but then others who tried but just wasn’t for them. I always say there is no right or wrong way to travel, whatever you feel comfortable doing is your way to travel.

    lexieanimetravel · August 3, 2017 at 8:37 am

    yeah I totally agree with your poin, wishing you more and more success and who knows maybe one day our paths will cross each other and by that time I’m definitely gonna treat you a beer ? ?

      foreverroamingtheworld · August 3, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Who knows indeed, I look forward to the beer 😀 Good luck with your journey too. I’m sure we will bump into each other on FB some more too 😀

beccajtalbot · August 2, 2017 at 2:47 pm

I have made so many friends while travelling (both solo and when with friends) – I understand that a lot of people are hesitant about travelling solo because they think they’ll be lonely, but it’s really not the case! x

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    It it a common misconception that solo travel means lonely travel. Sometimes it’s hard to get a minute to yourself, there have been times when I’ve had to pull back to have my own space. However saying that I have met and know people who struggle and have anxiety so even if there are people around they keep to themselves and I guess that does feel lonely.

johnthewanderer · August 2, 2017 at 1:52 pm

You have some great tips here about solo travel. I have a friend who does this all the time. She said she meets so many people and the experiences are life changing. It is always stressful to do this the first time. But once you do, it is so easy and you can make such great friends all around the world.

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    It really is life changing, views, perspectives just a general outlook on life changes. I finally came back home to England late last year and friends of mine who I’ve known all my life but not seen me for 6 years while I was traveling could see I had become a completely different person. I agree with you in that the first time is the most stressful because you’re stepping into the unknown. You can do as much research planning and reading as you like but until you actually step into it you don’t know how it will play out for you. It’s funny how over the years of traveling travelers make a web or network of friends from all over the world. some closer than others, some we lose contact with. It was because of somebody I met in New Zealand, I got to move to and live in Bali for nearly a year.

hertraveltherapy · August 2, 2017 at 10:19 am

All these different types of travelling friends are so accurate! I always encounter the same route friends, who I may have never spoken to before, but keep seeing them from a distance or in the same hostel in different places in a country! I’ve noticed that I’ve slowly drifted from friends that I’ve made while travelling, as more time passes though. I guess our lives just go in different directions. I think there’s some beauty to be found in remembering the good times and not trying to force a friendship that doesn’t fit anymore. Like you said, when you travel, it’s like being in this bubble of an alternate reality, and sometimes that just doesn’t fit into real life.

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 11:02 am

    I think you’re spot on, traveling friends come and go but you shouldn’t try to force them, the ones that will stay in your life will stay….just last month a good traveling friend of mine who I keep in contact with but not seen for 4 years popped over to London, we met up and it was like we hadn’t been away from each other at all. However in the other hand there are people who once they leave are out of mind, that might sound a bit harsh but that’s how traveling life can be.

Kelly Duhigg · August 1, 2017 at 10:02 pm

I totally identify as a chronic solo traveller. Sometimes I like the solitude of it all and sometimes its nice being aurrounded by a like minded group of people. But we so are a different type of people.

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 2:15 am

    I know what you mean, I’m the same there are some days where I just don’t want to know anybody else and can go have a great time by myself but others days I can’t be left alone and need to be around people. And I love how so many people from different walks off life can come together, so many different characters and personalities just getting along with each other.

Medha Verma · August 1, 2017 at 9:41 pm

I’ve always been an introvert since I was young and making friends while travelling or even talking to strangers for that matter was never a thing I could’ve imagined myself doing. However, after a couple of solo trips, I began to notice how I opened up, talked to people and even started to make friends. I’m still quite new at it though, I mostly travel with my husband and don’t feel the need to make friends while on the go. But having been out on my own a couple of times has changed my perspective and eventually, me. I still won’t end up making long terms friends though, can’t really imagine that! But you never know 🙂

    foreverroamingtheworld · August 2, 2017 at 2:21 am

    What you went through, is not too uncommon with travelers, I’ve met quite a few that were very shy, some with social anxiety that for the first few days wouldn’t even say hello but once they started to feel comfortable and relaxed would start to open up and start to join in. You never know who you will meet traveling, you may find a lifelong friend out there 😀

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