come on an unpredictabe journey with me from when it all started in 2010 to this day

My backpacking journey: the Crazy ride from the very beginning

Right now, I can class myself as a nomad, a seasoned or experienced long term solo and budget traveler, but it wasn’t always like that. 

This journey which started in 2010 has been full of ups and downs, emotional states and taking the rough with the smooth. It’s undoubtedly been life changing, I’m a completely a different person to the naive backpacker I started out as. 

Over the years, turning from that naive backpacker to experienced nomad has been full of bad mistakes, bad decisions, internal battles and fuck ups but I’ve needed that to get to where I am and that’s exactly what this series will highlight. 

My journey is not just about the countries I’ve traveled through, the places I’ve visited, the things I’ve seen and done but the internal growth, exercising inner demons, shedding insecurities, and growing in confidence and believing in myself. I will take you on a ride not just around the world but through my crazy, unconventional mind. 

You will find out how, somebody like me, a guy who left England with just £600 to my name, full of inner demons, inner voices with a mind of their own, fulfilled and made dreams into reality all on tighter than tight budgets. 

This is not a journal, of just a ‘I saw this and did that’ type of series, this is my journey, through my thoughts and eyes. And don’t worry I won’t be leaving anything out out; the embarrassing, the ugly, the down days, the broke days, the emotional times but also the highs, the adventures, the life changing moments, and the situations that helped me get to the point where I am. 



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