Partner with a backpacker who knows, understands and IS your target market!

Your brand and services need to be represented and marketed in the right way and to the correct audience. In partnering with Forever Roaming the World that is exactly what you will get!

Is it your aim is to entice solo and (or) Long-term budget travelers to your brand/services/products/destination or tours? If it is, doesn’t it make sense to have a long-term solo budget traveler who understands your market to promote for you?

In working or partnering with Forever Roaming the World you will gain access to an ever-growing niche audience and new customers while relieving the burden of constant advertising. Through numerous methods and campaigns, including blog posts, email campaigns, and social media, Forever Roaming the World will provide a further reach for your products and services.

Let’s get started:

Who is the person behind forever Roaming the World

I’m Amit from Nottingham, England. In 2010 I made a life-altering decision; to pack up and sell everything (it wasn’t a lot) and travel to the other side of the world (Australia).

Sine 2010, I have slowly roamed the world traveling across 6 continents on the tightest of shoestring budgets turning from a novice backpacker into an experienced solo budget traveler. Over the years I’ve gained life skills, insights into cultures, extensive knowledge of countries and invaluable experiences of surviving on little to no money. I know and understand your market because I am your market

Find out more about Forever Roaming the World.

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The birth of Forever Roaming the World!

Having met countless first-time solo and budget travelers along my journey, it became prevalent that many started their trips under-prepared and ill-advised. It soon became apparent that was due to the mass influx of over-glamorized and generic travel blogs saturating the internet.

Due to that fact, with no prior experience, or writing qualifications I felt it was my duty as a long-term traveler to pass on my knowledge and in May 2017, Forever Roaming the World was born as a part-time travel blog. The sole aim was to provide real and practical information, deeper insights and to aid would-be first-time solo and budget travelers but in an engaging and storytelling way. This website doesn’t like to just spurt out boring facts and figures; it likes to entertain as it is doing so.

Since it’s launch Forever Roaming the World enjoyed a steady and sustained growth through 2017. In January 2020 after a short hiatus and a rebrand, Forever Roaming the World was relaunched. It is taking the steps to be at the forefront of solo and long-term budget travel for years to come and I invite you to join me on this journey.

Why Partner with Forever Roaming the World?

Working with or partnering with a travel blog is a powerful tool to have at your disposal but even more so when the blogger in hand is armed with extensive 1st hand experience of traveling and living the life of your customer. With that in mind, Forever Roaming the World is in the unique position of not only being another marketing string to your bow but a powerful tool at your disposal.

Sure, there are probably thousands of travel blogs you can choose to work with but how many of them understand how a budget travelers mind works? How many of them know what will entice a budget traveler to part ways with their precious pennies? Wouldn’t you rather work with a blogger who understands your customer’s needs and wants or the average Joe? Forever Roaming the World also has a strong network of fellow travelers and non-travelers all over the world.

And although relatively new within the blogging world, the credibility of this website grows by the day because it provides something that seems to be far a few between in this over-saturated market – honesty!

Honesty, 1st hand experience, and longevity make Forever Roaming the World a trusted authority within solo and budget travel.

Facts about Forever Roaming the World


  • Built this website from scratch with no prior knowledge or experience of website building.
  • In under 1 year Forever Roaming the World is already starting to be seen as an authoritative website for solo and budget travelers.
  • Offers strong, articulate, honest posts and articles.
  • Even though there are far more established travel blogs out there it doesn’t phase me, in-fact Forever Roaming the World embraces the challenge. As they say, the cream rises to the top.
  • Has a unique writing style that draws in budget travelers who wouldn’t look at travel blogs.
  • Resonates with fellow long-term budget travelers.
  • Offers deeper insights, has extensive first-hand knowledge, know-how, and expertise in traveling the world on the tightest of shoestring budgets.
  • Expert in backpacker hostels (I’ve stayed in my fair share both a long-termer and short-termer since 2010.)
  • Traveled across 6 continents.
  • Continuously solo traveled from 2010 – 2016 (Not many have traveled for such an extensive amount of time.)

Everything on forever roaming the world is 100% organic, all content is well researched, constructed and compiled by me. No destination is talked about or written about unless I’ve personally been there myself


Work or Partner with Forever Roaming the World:

If you are an honest company/brand/destination who wants to work or partner with forever roaming the world there are a number of partnership opportunities available.

  • Freelance writing – Happy to write articles and posts on solo/budget/long-term travel and about hostels.
  • Product reviews – If you have a product you feel would suit a solo or budget traveler and, I would be more than happy to review it.
  • Sponsored posts – Offers well researched, 900- 2000 word honest posts on your product/services/brand which will be shared out extensively across all social media platforms and to existing and highly engaging audience.
  • Brand Ambassador – Forever roaming the world will proudly represent and promote your brand to IItsever-growing audience and across all mediums available.
  • Sponsorship’s – Want to sponsor a growing website and brand that will be at the forefront of solo and budget travel for years to come?
  • Destination reviews – Provides in-depth practical and relative insights and a full overview in a unique storytelling manner of the destination, through blog posts, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Advertising/marketing – Offers advertising space by way of banners, deep links, blog posts, and social media advertising.
  • Hostel reviews – I understand hostels, I know the impact a review can have, I know how dynamics work within them and I know what makes hostels tick. Forever Roaming the World provides practical and insightful reviews to be shared through email campaigns, social media and blog posts.
  • Hostel tester – If you have just opened a new hostel and need exposure to the relative crowds forever roaming the world will help with that exposure. In having 8 years of hostel life behind me I understand what makes a good and bad hostel.
  • Budget tour/excursion reviews – Will offer honest reviews and how to improve services but also promote your tour/excursions through descriptive storytelling and informative blog posts, social media exposure and strategic email Campaigns.
  • Collaborations and features – If you find Forever Roaming the World compelling enough to feature on your publication or would like to collaborate I am very interested in hearing from you.


What steps should you take next

If you would like to partner with Forever Roaming the World follow the steps below.

  1. Initial email contact with a proposal or to request to request Media kit.
  2. Forever Roaming the World only takes on opportunities that are mutually beneficial for both parties and is aimed towards solo/budget and (or) long-term travelers. Expect a reply back within 2 working days with an answer either accepting or declining the proposal.
  3. If a further conversation is to be had in regards to terms and rates, negotiations will continue. If agreed already let’s enjoy a long and meaningful partnership together.


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