Magical Queenstown: Missing Neverland!

Magical Queenstown: Missing Neverland!

Traveling memories blog post by Forever Roaming the World about Missing Neverland also known as Queenstown New Zealand(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

Sometimes random traveling memories will just pop into my head…

Do you ever get that? When a memory so vivid projects itself in front of your eyes. It’s like you can reach out and touch it, you can smell those familiar smells, feel the air around you, like you’re there once more living through it.

That is exactly what just happened to me. I was actually writing another post, all of a sudden my mind was randomly transported back to Queenstown, New Zealand. That magical little town also known to us backpackers as Neverland.

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand at the far reaches of the world, for many of us, the furthest country away from home. It sits in the shadow of it’s huge cousin Australia. But New Zealand, isn’t just a shy little cousin. New Zealand is voracious, exciting, and full of mystique. Hot lava runs through the two main volcanic Islands that make this country up.

The itself is famous for it dairy, has a reputation for having the best lamb on earth, indigenous Maori people, volcanoes hot-springs, glaciers, mountains and the southern Alps. It’s home to the intimidating Hakka and where middle earth (Lord of the rings) came to life.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

And Queenstown takes its place within this country, with it’s own fames and uniqueness and is a favourite amongst many a backpacker in Queenstown.

However to get to Queenstown, or Neverland as we backpackers like to call it, we need to go on a journey…No, excuse me I mean an adventure through middle earth to reach it.

Neverland can be found in the South Island, so you will have to prize yourself away from the gorgeous Abel Tasman National park and cruise down the west coast.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

Pass the western style old town of Greymouth and watch as the clouds descend and seemingly touch the ground when you reach the Glaciers of Franz Joseph and Fox.

Magical Queenstown: Missing Neverland! 1

You’re not there yet

Once you’ve tackled the glaciers, you’ll be treated to a series of lakes including Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. The lakes will soon be in your rearview mirror as you compromise through the narrow, twisty deep valley roads nestled within the Southern Alps.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

You will feel like you’re getting nowhere, twist after twist of valley road, but then just like that out of nowhere, the road opens up and civilization greets you.

Feel the energy of Neverland

While heading down Frankton Road you will start to feel it, the energy will start to hit you, it’s mesmeric powers will feel like you’re getting sucked into a bubble. As you head down the hill and see the quaint town below, fumes of coffee and malt wine engulf your nose and the crisp air bites and encase every fiber of you.

You are now in the bubble, the rest of the world doesn’t exist, you have arrived in Neverland – More commonly known as Queenstown.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand: Are you local?

You know there are certain places in the world that are just horrible tourist traps, while I normally hate tourist towns, Queenstown isn’t one of them. There is this special atmosphere floating around the place, that just makes you fall in love with it.

I’ll be honest, hundreds if not thousands of tourists and backpackers pour in and flood the town every single day, no matter the weather or season because it caters for all weather conditions. We the floaters and roamers of the world arrive, feel the magic, and it becomes our sanctuary, our playground and that’s why backpackers call this place Neverland.

This magical atmosphere is generated from the melting pot of tourists, backpackers, thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies and sprinkled with locals. Once you’ve tasted from the pot, It’s hard for us to leave. There are people I know who arrived as backpackers but never left.

This mixture of people coming together creates such a unique atmosphere and high energy that I have never felt or experienced anywhere else in the world. When you’re in Queenstown, you’re not just there; you become a part of it and become lost to the rest of the world.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

Becoming a local in Neverland

It’s funny when I arrived I was just another face, another backpacker in Queenstown but just after a few weeks, I was seen by the locals as a local. With the town being so small everybody who lives there knows each other; it doesn’t matter if you’re a backpacker living there, a local family, or a business owner. Once your face becomes familiar, you’re seen as a local.

Originally, I was a backpacker in Queenstown, like many others, I was backpacking through the country. I spent a few days there, instantly I felt it’s energy, but I had to carry on my travels. I knew though I would be back, I had to go back, I needed to feel that energy once more. A few months later, I was back, this time to stay. Like I mentioned, within weeks I was seen and recognised as a local and even got myself a job.

I could walk into my local cafe, not even having to order and there would be a coffee ready for me. In fact on my route to work, I would walk into the local store without saying a word the clerk would pull out a pack of cigarettes for me, the cafe would have my coffee ready, and the sandwich shop would have a sandwich saved for me.

It wasn’t just me, it’s the same for anybody considered a local. Also, locals get certain things for cheaper. (Queenstown has tourist prices and local prices.)

Even the shit times were great

There was another side to living in Queenstown, being swept up in the vortex of the adrenaline bubble. With New Zealand being quite expensive, even though I had a job in the local call centre which was purely for backpackers the Queenstown lifestyle meant I was always broke.

We party hard in Neverland, practically every night. Money stretched as far as paying rent, some groceries and getting fucked up. There were times though when I was dirt broke. I mean not a single penny to my name, go days without a meal (haribo sour worm sweets for dinner) but I still loved it. I had been broke before in Australia, and it sucked at times, while of course it was a shitty situation here, but because of the energy, even the shit times felt good.

I can feel the traveling memory

Right now, if I shut my eyes I’m at a lakeside cafe with the mesmeric mountains in front of me, lost in their tranquillity. The piping hot coffee mug thawing my frozen fingers as that crisp mountain air bites and nibbles at my cheeks. Tourists are all around me, I can hear then chatting away in Amazement, while trying to capture the perfect picture and moment they’re feeling.

All of them hidden under layers of warm clothing, scarfs, hats and big colorful coats. Some of them ready for a day up in the mountains to hike, ski, or snowboard. Joyous backpackers are walking by wondering what adrenaline jacking activity to chase next. (My smile is as wide as a cheshire cat as my brain is projecting all this.)

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

The adventure capital of the southern hemisphere

New Zealand is widely known as the adventure capital of the world and that may be but the epicenter is in Queenstown. What extreme sports can you think of?  Bungy jumps, canyon swings and drops, paragliding, skydiving, mountain climbing, abseiling, go karting down a mountain side, white water rafting, quad or mountain biking through the mountains, jet boat rides through canyons, and of course skiing and snowboarding. In whatever way you want your adrenaline kicked to the max, Queenstown has the collection.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

If adventure sports are not your thing then don’t worry it caters for you too.

Take leisurely strolls around the town, there are countless hikes to go on, play Frisbee golf (yes that’s a thing) visit a spa or surrounding towns like Arrowtown. You can just relax by the lake with a coffee or malt wine, eat in one of the cozy restaurants and keep warm by an open log fire. Wow, I sound like I’m selling you a holiday here. (Not my intention)

As I mentioned above, this town is famous for being the epicenter for adrenaline junkies but that’s just through the day – It’s when the sun disappears behind the mountains and the moon takes its place in the night sky that the back streets and alleys light up. Coffee and malt wine is replaced with beers, wine, spirits, and jagabombs. And, the vibrancy and energy are turned up a few notches as Queenstown really comes alive.

Just one more!

Just one more! Is a term synonymous with Queenstown, and with me while I was there. Anybody who knows me from Queenstown knows just what I’m talking about.

Magical Queenstown: Missing Neverland! 2

You see in Queenstown you can go out in the evening with the intention of having one or two drinks, maybe a drink with your meal but that’s not how it works out.

With the nightlife buzzing every night of the week, people who work during the day want to wind down. The ones who had their adrenaline spiked off the charts are not ready to come down yet and this creates a vortex for partying hard. So when that time comes for when you planned to go home somebody will utter the immortal words ‘Just one more?‘ It’s like those words are spellbound because there is no saying no to it. You’re powerless (or have no willpower) and before you know it just one more has turned into going home at 4 am.

Any backpacker in Queenstown, passing through or living there will have drunk more than their body weight in alcohol on a regular basis in that town.

Adrenaline through the day, drinking and partying through the night in a magical and picturesque town with the most amazing atmosphere – Is how I spent most of my 8 months in that town. Even though it’s a small town and due to new faces coming and going every day no day or night was the same.

Oh yeah, how can I forget that other thing!

I’m sure you can see why I’m missing this bubble I used to live in but there is one other thing. It would be scandalous for me not to even mention it.

Before I even stepped into the bubble of Queenstown or even thought about going to New Zealand I was told about this from backpacker friends of mine. It actually has It’s place in lonely planets top ten things to do in Queenstown. Not a single soul that has visited Queenstown has left without trying it or taking a picture of it. Put it this way I have witnessed tourists lining the streets just to take a picture, just so they can go home and say they were there, they tried it, they experienced it.

What Am I talking about?

Magical Queenstown: Missing Neverland! 3

I am talking about the one and only…Fergburger…I’ve seen tourists come to Queenstown not caring about anything else, they came for a Fergburger, This is the only burger joint I know that’s on every Queenstown ‘must do’ list. No franchises, no huge bar, or mass production, just one shop in the whole world, making fresh burgers to order and can only be found in Queenstown.

Sometimes a traveling memory just pops into your head, it just did for me a I have to talk about neverland, AKA Queenstown, New Zealand

Now I know there are some people who don’t actually rate a ‘Ferg’ but others will say it’s the best burger they have ever tasted. Well for me while I was in Queenstown I loved them, It’s the only time in my life I have waited nearly two hours for one (it was that busy).

The trip down memory lane is over

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, as I mentioned at the top of this post I had no idea how this post was going to turn out, it has just been off the cuff but I’d love to hear what you thought about it in the comments below.

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  1. Good that you brought up New Zealand here. Not many writers talk about this incredibly beautiful country. Australia yes, but New Zealand? It becomes a blind spot for many.

  2. Talin says:

    I have to be honest, I’ve never given New Zealand much thought. My existing list is kinda long, New Zealand is really far, and I’m not much into adventure sports (or any sports, lol). BUT you’ve convinced me otherwise. This Neverland sounds absolutely breathtaking and I would love to try Fergburger.

    • You know it was the same for me, I had no intention of going it was just a last minute thing. I mean My visa was running out in Australia but I didn’t want to go home back to England so I thought I’d give it a go and I fell in love with the country and especially with Queenstown. I’ve even been back there for a holiday and consider it more like home than my home town in England which is mad. Oh there is nothing better than a juicy Ferg 😀

  3. Rahat Arora says:

    Ohh wow New Zealand is just spectacular place to visit. Thanks for sharing a great post and making jealous to visit my favorite place in the world. But thank you so much for sharing my all time best country to visit especially Wellington and Christchurch are simply stunning to visit in New Zealand.

  4. Claire says:

    New Zealand is high on my lists of places to visit (such a shame it’s not convenient for me to get to!) It looks and sounds so amazing

    Claire recently posted…Taking a Tour of the Amsterdam ArenaMy Profile

  5. I can truly relate to what your thoughts are trying to transmit to us. I sometimes like this and when it happens, it hits me and draw a square in my face. You truly have owned an amazing travels and showing the great scenery with us is really amazing.

    Thelittlelai: Beyond limits recently posted…Mt. Naupa: A Great Mountain to Climb for the Beginner with a Jaw-dropping SceneryMy Profile

  6. Shaily says:

    Wow! This place is so awesome- so many things to do!! The pictures are very refreshing and your style of narration actually made me sense the vibes of the place.. I could feel the cold crisp air and smell the fumes of coffee. Added Queenstown to my travel bucket list. I would love to try out all the adventure sports and everything you listed above!
    Shaily recently posted…Hotel Booking TipsMy Profile

  7. Cath says:

    Wow you really have evoked a need to go to NZ soon. Often it is smell that takes me back to a place, something about food markets I suspect. Great post

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