Your traveling solo questions answered: F.A.Q’s

Traveling solo questions answered – F.A.Q’s

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

It happens to all of us with that first foray into solo traveling…

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of solo travel questions you just don’t have the answers to!

It’s not just your brain either, once you tell friends and family, they start firing more questions at you. All of a sudden your excitement turns to anxiety, you start questioning your own decision; “Why did I choose this?” – “Will solo traveling be for me?” – “What will solo traveling be like?” – “Will I be lonely traveling solo?”

Don’t worry, It’s perfectly natural to have these questions, We all had them and there will be other solo travel questions that get put to you no matter how long you solo travel for.

Solo traveling since 2010

Here’s the thing, people have been solo traveling for years, yet over the years myths have been dreamt up. Ok, granted some of those myths have been burst with the up-turn in solo traveling; it seems more and more people are ‘braving’ it nowadays. However, the same questions still get thrown about.

I’ve solo traveled across 6 continents since I first packed my bags in 2010 and I still get asked the same questions by friends, family and even by other travelers I’ve met on the road.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only just thinking about it, if you’re already planning your first trip or if you’re already a solo traveler, this solo travel F.A.Q will answer any niggling questions you may have.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

Your traveling solo questions answered with this comprehensive F.A.Q

Q: I’m thinking of traveling solo but I have no idea where to start?

A: Short: The internet is your friend, there is no shortage of information on the net. 

A: Long: All you have to do is search for solo traveling and you will see the plethora of information available at your disposal. Everything you need to know about solo traveling is available at the touch of your fingertips from researching, planning, accommodation, transport, activities, country information, networking to meeting other solo travelers. It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed the first time but just take a deep breath, relax and take little steps. This page lists over 100 useful travel websites and apps you can use for researching, planning and during your trip. Also if you feel like you need help how to structure your planning and researching this walkthrough will aid you.

Q I want to travel solo but I don’t want the hassle of planning a trip, are there travel companies who can organize my trip and itinerary for me?

A: Short: Yes lots of them! – Check sights likes

STA travel, backpackers world, the backpacker co and backpacker tours. also, check country specific tour companies. 

A: Long: You’re in luck, with solo traveling so popular nowadays there are travel companies that can cater a trip to your requirements or offer pre-planned packages. So, if you want to travel solo but not independently these companies will help and arrange everything from applying for visas, accommodation, transport, the route you take, to the activities you do. There are different levels of flexibility to arranging through companies, some will have strict itineraries, some will have a loose route. And, you can choose if you want typical backpacker tours, budget travel, be with a party crowd or a quieter crowd. With booking through companies, although you’re traveling solo you’ll be with other travelers too.

Q: I like the look of this but I don’t want to travel in groups – What else can I do?

A: Short: Look for hop-on-off tours, Or use the travel companies route as a guide.

A: Long: A good option to look into is Hop on-off buses. With this option, your route will be pre-determined for you, you chose where you want to start and finish and where you want to stop along the way. Jump off where you want, stay in your destination as long as you want as long as it’s in the agreed start and finish dates of your pass. Do bear in mind with these passes you usually have to get in touch with the bus company 24-48 prior to wanting to leave your destination so they reserve your seat. Hop on-off buses allow you the freedom to travel by yourself without having to plan your whole route. 

Q: I don’t really want to use public transport, is renting or buying a vehicle an option?

A: Short: Yes, but you’ll need an international drivers license.

A: Long: Sometimes, depending on the country you’re traveling buying or renting aa a vehicle is the better option. There are certain countries around the world were buying/renting campervans, cheap cars or bikes are readily available for travelers. For example, if you are traveling through Australia/New Zealand/ USA/ Europe you can rent campervans for the duration of your trip and there are a number of companies on offer for you. You will also find travelers have bought cheap vehicles and looking to sell them on as their trips are coming to an end.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

Having your own vehicle gives you even more freedom and makes your route and schedule even more your own.

Q I’ve read lots of articles saying solo travel is the best and only way to travel, why is it?

A: Short: It’s not – Some people prefer to travel solo and others prefer to travel in groups/with partners/ or with families – It’s down to personal preference. 

A: Long: To travel solo is a personal preference, nobody should ever dictate to you that their way is the best way. You travel the way you feel comfortable, some people have better experiences in groups and others on their own. There are advantages to traveling solo but there are also disadvantages. Some people may claim ‘traveling solo is the only way or the best way’ but that is their personal preference. It saddens me to say but as open-minded, as you think travelers, you will come across traveling snobbery and some judgemental travelers who think their way is the best way. Nobody should ever dictate to you or tell you how you should travel, you travel the way that best suits you and your means.

Q: I’m having seconds thoughts now, why should I travel solo?

A: Short: There are lots of reasons I can give you but ultimately you will have your own reasons why you want to solo travel. 

A: Long: There are a number of reasons why you might want to solo travel. It could be as simple as there is nobody to go traveling with and you just want to travel. Or, you might just want to give it a go, see what the hype is about. There could be a more deep-rooted reason, want to go on a journey of self-discovery, want to push yourself out of the comfort zone, you want to learn what you are capable of and want to see if you can do it. You might just be running away. Whatever the reason you’re choosing to solo travel for is yours.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

Q: My family have concerns about traveling solo, how do I ease there mind?

A: short: The same way you eased your own mind.

A: long: The best way to ease family concerns is to show them the research and planning you’re doing, keep them in the loop, what precautions you’re taking ease their mind the same way you’re easing yours. Show them how millions of people around the world solo travel. You can give them an idea of the route you’re planning to take and when you’ll roughly be in that area. We live in the age of technology, while you’re on your trip keep in regular contact with them and let them know where you are.

Q: I’ve read a few horror stories online, how do I know this won’t happen to me.

A: Short: Preparation but you can’t predict the future.

A: Long: Traveling, all forms of it, not just solo traveling comes with some element of risk, you are stepping into the unknown and you can’t predict every single outcome but you can take some precautions. There are things you can do to minimize the risk like having a backup fund (if you can afford to), keeping in contact with family, buying travel insurance and a big one; using common sense. However there will be some things beyond your control, things will go wrong, times you might find yourself up shit creek without a paddle, it’s just part of traveling life. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself to the best of your knowledge, learn from mistakes, and ride out the bumps if they occur.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

Q: What advice can you give to keep safe whilst solo traveling?

A: Short: Use your common sense and don’t act like a tourist, in turn, making yourself a target.

A:Long: The biggest piece of advice anybody can give you is not to act like a wide-eyed tourist try and blend in with the locals, try and act like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t. If you are careful and aware of your surroundings then you will be safe. Common sense goes a long way. If you are told to stay away from certain areas, then stay away from them; It’s that simple. Also, don’t flaunt your belongings or flash your cash to make it obvious you’re a tourist. Keep your important items like passports and phones close to you, I.E If you’re on local public transport keep them in your front pocket and not in your bags; bags are easy targets, your front pocket is not!

Use your common sense, if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. If there is a situation that you’re not comfortable with, then walk away from it. Trust is also a big reason people can get into trouble, yes there is an element of trust amongst fellow travelers but if you meet a shady character, have your wits about you, don’t be naive and trust everybody you meet. However at the risk of contradicting myself don’t be overly cautious and paranoid about everybody you meet.

Sure there are times when things happen beyond your control but a lot of times it’s down to stupidity. Since I started traveling I have only one incident of being pickpocketed but that was my own fault and I take full responsibility for it. (Pickpocket in Kuta, Bali by a 5-year-old because I was very drunk and not paying attention).

Q: Traveling solo will get lonely right?

A: Short: Yes, there will be times you feel lonely but solo travel doesn’t mean lonely travel.

A: Long: Loneliness can affect people differently, some can feel lonely because they are missing family, others because they feel left out, being in new environments, some people can feel lonely whilst being surrounded by people.

At some point lonliness will hit you, there will be times when it just sucks and you’ll want to just pack your bags and go home. There will be times when it’s hard and you feel so alone but it will pass. You’ll have times you think of friends that you made but have moved on and miss them. There will be times you arrive in a new place and have nothing in common with the people around you. A hostel may have a super clicky group which is hard to break into making you feel lonely.

There will be times you’ll find yourself walking around alone, or sitting in your dorm feeling a bit sorry for yourself. Sometimes you’ll be on an overnight journey and the loneliness will creep up on you. It’s natural for it to happen, just like it could happen to you at home.

Q: How do you deal with the loneliness when it does creep up on you?

A: Short: Reflect, relax, take the time to process things. Try and talk to people around you, don’t hide and fall into a shell.

A: Long: Like everything, that feeling will come and pass. A number of ways around it, surround yourself with people in the hostel, make an extra effort to get to know them. Or other hand use that time to reflect on your travels so far, soak in and process the things you’ve experienced, catch up with friends back home. Sometimes if your feeling really lonely and down, it’s worth just trying to talk to people around you just try not to fall into a shell and recluse yourself. There are times you just need to suck it up and let the feeling pass.

Q: How do I make friends if I’m solo traveling and on the move all the time?

A: short: There will be lots of opportunities to make friends.

A:Long: The biggest myth and misconception about solo traveling is that you’ll be traveling by yourself all the time. This is not true! The truth is you will constantly be surrounded by other travelers and sometimes you’ll pine to have some time to yourself. You will meet people from the get-go, at the airport, your accommodation, tours, and activities you do or locals you meet along the way. The beauty of solo traveling through, you can pick and choose who you want to be friends with, if you don’t like somebody you’re under no obligation to be friends.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

Wherever you go there are like-minded people and fellow travelers, I’ve never met a single traveler who didn’t make friends. Hostels are the easiest places to make friends, talk to people in your dorm, share a beer (or 10) or a joint with them. This post shows you the different types of friends you’ll make during your travels – Making friends traveling solo.)

Q: What are my accommodation options for traveling solo?

A: Short: Depends on if you want to be around other travelers, locals, or on your own.

A: Long: When it comes to accommodation, there are a number of options for you. You can choose from Hostels, Air BnB, homestays, Couchsurfing, housesitting, in a campervan, camping or if you can afford to, stay in hotels. The choices really depend on what you’re looking for and if you want to be alone, around other travelers or locals. This post gives you an idea of the different accommodation options

Q: I get anxiety, and quite nervous in new surroundings, you do I cope and overcome this?

A: Short: Remember others are there for the same reason as you.

A: Long: I’ll be honest here, anxiety is something I never had to deal with until recently. I don’t know where it’s come from but it’s crept up on me. My advice is to remember you’re not alone when you arrive in a new place, or accommodation you are surrounded by people in the same boat. They are traveling as well, it’s all new for them, they don’t know anybody either. So while it may seem like a daunting task you just need to try and relax and feel comfortable enough to open up a little.

Q: I can’t even imagine eating or drinking alone in restaurants and bars, is it awkward?

A: Short: It can be, depends on yourself.

A: Long: Not a lot of people like eating or going to bars alone, to get around this simply ask others you’re staying with if they want to go and eat or drink; you’ll find in most cases they will say yes. If nobody does want to eat, go grab a takeaway or make something yourself at your accommodation. There will be some situations but they are far and few between when you will have to eat alone but just pick a nice quiet spot and enjoy your food, try not thinking about others around you. Truth is nobody really cares that you’re there eating alone.

Q: Will other travelers make fun of me traveling by myself?

A: Short: No, not at all, in-fact those traveling in groups will actually praise your courage to travel solo. 

A: Long: You will find in most cases, those traveling in groups will actually praise you, wish they traveled solo or want to find out more about traveling solo from you. And, remember traveling solo is becoming quite the norm, you can walk into any country in the world and there will be hundreds of solo travelers. The funny thing is, you’re more likely to meet and make friends being a solo traveler and be more involved than if you travel in groups.

Q: Is there any sites or apps I can use to connect with other solo travelers going to the same destination as me?

A: short: Yes, lots of them.

A: Long: There are many forums, groups, and communities online. Good places to look at our Facebook groups, Twitter, Reddit, and Couchsurfing. Also, travel-specific sites are good like travellers-point, Lonely planet, and TripAdvisor forums. Some travel blogs like Nomadic Matt have even started their own communities for first-time travelers. This page lists over a 100 useful travel website and apps including more traveler groups you can join.

Q: A really important question – How do you take perfect solo traveler Instagram selfie? Do I need selfie sticks?

A: Short: I don’t know how to take the perfect photo shoot type Instagram selfie.

A: Long: – In all my years traveling I’ve never a person who is able to take the perfect selfie because I’ve never met somebody who looks glamorous in remote places, in deserts, under waterfalls or in jungles. The only time I’ve seen perfect Instagram pictures are on Instagram itself. And selfie sticks, well, in my opinion, they can go where the sun doesn’t shine if you know what I mean. Taking pictures traveling solo isn’t really a problem though, you can take selfies even if they might not be perfect. It makes me laugh when I read how people think some travelers are faking traveling solo because not all their pictures are selfies, well funny enough it’s just because there’s somebody else around and you’ve asked them to take one or 10 for you.

Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered


More questions will be answered for you.

As you can see, all kinds of questions regarding solo travel can be fired at you at different stages of your journey from just thinking about it, planning on or actually out on your travels.

If you found the answers to these solo travel questions helpful, be sure to be on the lookout for the solo travel F.A.Q e-book, which will contain even more answers to more comprehensive and specific questions.

In the meantime let me know in the comments below if you have any further solo travel questions that need answering?

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Once the initial adrenaline wears off, your brain explodes like a popcorn frenzy with all kinds of traveling solo questions you just don't have the answers to! Forever Roaming the World provides you with the most comprehensive solo travel FAQ - All the questions you have are answered

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  1. That was surely a wonderful read. I completely agree that these are the most common questions, which pop up after you declare to travel solo. I too believe its once own decision to travel solo, as a couple or in group . We enjoy travelling as a couple. And yes use your common sense in what ever manner and way you are travelling.

  2. I think everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. I think it can be very rewarding, but it isn’t for everyone. But you won’t know until you try it. It can be lonley, but I’ve also made amazing friends while traveling because of the fact that I was by myself and talked to those around me.

  3. I used to travel solo before I got married. I loved it a lot – indeed, I make more friends when traveling solo! So it definitely does not make you feel lonely!

  4. I love solo travel, partly for necessity as I don’t have anyone to travel with, and partly because I love the independence! Safety is a big concern for all solo travellers I think, as you say you can’t predict the future and things can happen to you in your own home or anywhere in the world – you just have to plan as best you can, and hope!

  5. I do travel solo quite a bit, but really not at all in the ways you’ve described here. I’ve never stayed in a hostel, and I never intend to. Not my thing. I do book various activities like food tours or other guided tours, but I wouldn’t really be in to a multi-day group tour. And I just couldn’t care less what other “travelers” think about the way I enjoy traveling.

  6. A great guide for travelling solo. I generally travel with my husband now but travelled for many years solo. I just wanted to travel so much more than my friends. Your advice about how to stay safe is good advice for all travellers. I had my purse stolen in brand daylight in a good cafe – when both my husband and I were there. We were not paying attention and let our guard down. It can happen to anyone.

  7. I read all of them but still solo traveling, I am afraid, is not for me. I can either travel with family, with friends or with my husband. I love all three types of travel!

  8. This was such a helpful read!!! I like the suggestion you made about doing research if one is to travel solo for the first time. Although only for one short day, my first solo adventure was when my travel buddy flew home a day before me during our trip to Europe. So I find that that helps too – kick-starting solo traveling with something small like a one-day adventure. Great advice here!

    Jas recently posted…The Alise Chicago – A Staypineapple Hotel [Review]My Profile

  9. What a great post to help people deal with the fear of taking that first solo step! I would add that traveling solo does not always mean a tight budget. It depends on what stage of life you are in when you start.

  10. Having never been a solo traveller I always read these articles with interest. I think the one thing that I always focus on is that when we travel, whoever we are, that we do so in a way that makes us happy, and don’t worry about what others say Travellers can be equally judgemental of the way other travellers travel which I find quite concerning. good on you for travelling the way you like to and working through all the things it throws your way.

    • Kerry you’re so right, and I agree travelers can be judgemental of the way other travelers travel. Over the years I’ve come across so many obnoxious solo backpackers thinking that’s the only way to travel. It’s not, I mean I do because it’s suits me best but everybody should travel in the way they see best 😀

  11. I love this q and a! For me, I’ve always loved traveling solo. I also traveled solo with a tour group called intrepid travel and made a tons of friends there. It was an amazing experience. Where are you heading next?

  12. Great Q and A about solo travel! I often travel by myself and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it! By staying in hostels and joining walking tours and other small group events, I’m rarely lonely.

  13. I love solo travelling as much as I love group travelling. Different mood – you can go at your own pace but also reset better I find. Kind of a therapy in a way! You are tight to remind people to “Travel smart” though – it’s easy to forget! One simple thing is at least to let a friend know what you had planned for the day – it just takes hurting an ankle during a hike on your own to suddenly wish there were people with you!

  14. I think I love your short answer for question 4 the best — There is no best way to travel, it’s on your own preference. And your advice that the only way to truly know if solo travel is for you or not is to try it. You might think you know either way, but the experience is always different from the imagination! I am not much of a solo traveller, my husband is my ideal travel companion, so there is a lot of points to consider in your advice that I would not have thought of. Have friends who ask me about solo travel all the time so will direct them to your post!
    Kavita Favelle recently posted…100 Fantastic Cities | Travel Bloggers Pick Their Favourites | Part 3My Profile

  15. Hahaha I laughed at the “everyone has a nightmare dorm room story” – SO TRUE. I had one of the worst dorm room experiences in San Jose and it made me just not want to ever get in a dorm again for the rest of my life haha (but eventually i got over it and went back to the dorm rooms, and luckily I haven’t had a bad experience since then).
    Wallis recently posted…La Brisa Tranquila – Hostel ReviewMy Profile

  16. What a great list! I would have definitely found this a useful read before I first ventured solo (a trip to Oslo and then New York). I think my biggest qualm about travelling solo was the eating on your own thing, but I love your response to that question. It’s so true!

    Travelling solo isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely something I think everyone should try at least once x

  17. Traveling solo has its pluses and minuses. I feel that it is a great way to discover oneself and also a great opportunity to introspect. Traveling solo also gives a great sense of freedom, as you can literally flit around without any attachments. But what one may miss out is the joy of sharing experiences with others.

  18. Great responses to all the questions people wonder about. While I don’t travel solo, this covers in depth the other questions we get asked. At the end of the day, it’s about being open minded and taking life by the horns!!

  19. I love this! These are the exact same questions people ask me when they find out I travel solo. I love the freedom of getting to do what I want to when I want to. And it’s easy to make friends–or not–depending on how you feel that day. Sometimes, I like to be left alone to enjoy my solitude, and other times, I strike up a conversation with the people next to me at dinner. It just depends on my mood! Great post!

  20. This is a very thorough list. I have often wondered what it would be like to solo travel. Jenn (my better half) traveled solo through ski towns all in the American West, spending a season or two at each before moving on. Hopefully, we’re a travelling package for a long time to come, but like you said – there is no right way to travel. It’s different for everyone. Your list would be super helpful for the new solo travelers and people who want to learn about the lifestyle.

  21. This is a must-read for people who have always wanted to travel solo but they let their fear stop them. Also, I always hear people say to me that solo traveling is lonely and boring. In fact, it’s where I met a lot of amazing people that changed the way I think. I love all your insights!!! <3

  22. Excellent advice and a must-read for anyone considering solo travel. Congrats on all your travels since 2010, that’s a long time! I even learned a few tips and I’m not traveling solo 🙂 I completely agree with your comment on the hardest part of travel- the constant packing and unpacking. I love it when we’re somewhere long enough to put our clothes away in a closet or drawers.

  23. That’s some lovely insight into solo travel. Although I’m not a hostel person, it can introduce you to some lovely people. Agree with the point on packing. It really gets to you. But becomes a routine eventually.

  24. Great post answering a lot of questions people ask. Despite my many years of travel, this year was the first I actually when anywhere significant on my own. It was a challenge and it was liberating at the same time, but I agree that it doesn’t suit everyone.

  25. So true, you have to be open minded even to try traveling solo. If one asks that many questions before going on a solo trip, it might not be for him in the first place. ? You just go along with things that come your way. ?

  26. Well that is an extensive list! I just took a train across Canada on my own and was hesitant. I ended up meeting so many people that I wouldn’t have if traveling with my girlfriend. Solo travel is a great way to open up to others!

  27. Wow, you seemed to have covered every single question that a first time solo traveller could have! I personally think everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. I usually travel with my husband but last year when I travelled solo for the first time, it was such an amazing experience that I’ve decided to take at least one trip by myself every year! Great read, extensive topic coverage, cheers!

  28. I only travel solo 🙂 It makes me happy and stronger. But sometimes of course I feel very lonely and I would like to have someone to share my emotions with while visiting the wonder of the world 🙂


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