ready to travel again

Ready to travel again

First and foremost – Merry Christmas everybody 😀 And secondly, forever roaming the world is ready to hit the road again – Ok, ok it’s only a short 1 week holiday but there will be plenty of stories to tell you all when I get back. Sit back, dig into a mince-pie, pour yourself another drink and enjoy.

My first trip since I came finally came home.

That timer over on the right hand side>>>

It’s ticking down the days, minutes and seconds to my next trip. My trip to Marrakesh, where I’ll be seeing the last of 2017 and seeing the first of 2018.

Marrakech, Morocco

The thing is, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, there wouldn’t be a fuss about doing what I do. However this time it’s a bit different That timer has more significance to it than just letting you guys know when I’m going on a trip. The bigger significance is that it will be my first trip since I fell OUT of love with traveling.

Wait, what? I fell out of love with traveling?

Yup, you read that right! As hard as it may seem to believe but that’s exactly what happened.

You may know that since 2010, I’ve backpacked, worked, lived and roamed around the world consecutively, only coming home for short holidays now and again.

Travelling became my normal life.

While I was in my hostel in Bogota, Colombia, I was having a conversation with another backpack (who had found out how long I had been traveling for) asked me:

“So traveling is just normal for you, not a big deal, just what you do?”

I replied to that with a nonchalant nod of the head, like it was nothing.

ready to travel again

As ridiculous as that sounds, at the time it was nothing, it was normal life. Traveling through countries, continent to continent was just what I did. I was a full time nomad, only stopping to work when I needed to save for another trip or supplement the one I was currently on.

Ironically though, it was following that conversation that I started to fall out of love with traveling.

Couldn’t be bothered to keep traveling.

I don’t know, maybe that conversation triggered something inside my sub-conscious or something – whatever it was, it was the beginning of a downward spiral.

ready to travel again

Over the next few months, I continued with my travels through South America. Don’t get me wrong, I still had some great experiences but something just wasn’t right. I wasn’t feeling the same buzz, the same excitement or hype…In all honesty I just couldn’t be bothered.

I couldn’t be bothered to do anything, I didn’t want to take another bus journey, I didn’t want to pack and unpack yet again. I didn’t want to put the effort in to talk to other travelers or make friends, or go on another excursion or visit a monument. In-fact it slowly got to the stage where I just drifted through the days.

There were three main things I needed to do and wasn’t going to let my over-riding thoughts of wanting to stop ruin it for me. I needed to visit Machu Picchu in Peru , I wanted to spend my birthday in the Amazon rain-forest and I wanted to experience the Uyuni salt flats.

So after a few weeks of doing nothing in Bogotá (I had already traveled through Colombia before I started to feel like this) I forced myself to carry on.

It was hard but Machu Picchu was everything I had hoped it to be, and even with the way I was feeling it will be an experience I never forget. Unfortunately the Amazon trip didn’t happen due to reasons beyond my control but I had an amazing time at the Uyuni Salt flats in Bolivia.

ready to travel again

Wanting to go home.

From the time I had the conversation about traveling being normal to the day I finally went home, just the thought of it made me smile. Now you have to understand, I don’t get homesick normally, I hardly even speak my family when I’m traveling, so this feeling of wanting to go home was new to me. I found myself Skyping with my family more than I ever did before, I started to feel like traveling over for me forever. Like I had my fill, in-fact something I never thought would happen – happened…

I actually started to think about normal life and further more felt happy to actually try to be a normal adult. I was so far detached from reality that the thought of normal life made me happy – Now you know there’s something wrong with me if I’m thinking like that!

All my life I had wanted to travel, but after 6 years of it I just wanted to go home.

Finally going home.

Initially my trip was meant to continue through to Brazil but once I had experienced the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, that was it, I was done. I was conscious enough of the fact that Brazil was a country I always dreamt of going to and there was no point in forcing myself through it and ruin my experience of it, so I cut my trip short.

ready to travel again

From Bolivia I went home, unpacked my backpack and threw it into the wardrobe never wanting to pack it again. At first I just wanted to do nothing, I wanted to be lazy, eat lot’s of bacon sandwiches and just waste my days playing on the Xbox. However days turned into weeks and weeks into a couple of months before I snapped out of my slump and got a job.

Got a job, time to live a normal life.

Within weeks of starting my job, I was back in normal life, in real life and reality.  Well reality welcomed me back by smacking me in the face. I had realised for 6 years I lived my life in a fantasy, a dream or like how I call it a bubble. And my bubble was well and truly smashed.

Those thoughts I had during the last few months of my travels, thankfully turned out to be false. I didn’t want to be normal, more accurately I couldn’t and can’t do normal. It turns out I just needed a break from traveling, I was just burnt out but I needed to come home and sample normal life to realise it.

A sabbatical from traveling.

With the realisation that I couldn’t be normal but also knowing I wasn’t ready to pull out my backpack and venture into the world just yet, I decided to take a sabbatical from traveling.

Now, I know you must be saying people take sabbatical’s from work to travel and take a year out, well I’m not normal so I decided to it the opposite way.

My plan was, stay at home a year, work and save as much as possible and that way I would get a proper rest from traveling full-time. There was just one little flaw with that plan – saving money in England is bloody hard, especially when you’re not fully committed to what you’re saving for.

I’ll be honest, the saving part didn’t go too well at first but I did get a proper rest from traveling and all that comes with it. (Traveling isn’t as easy as it sounds.)

I started a blog – And I’m ready to travel again.

Over the past few months, I’ve felt re-invigorated to travel again, I’m ready to pull out my backpack and get it packed once more. I’ve started to get excited about what countries I want to explore and experience again which feels so great. Over the past year I’ve been home I even started to read travel blogs, something I never did while I traveled. Oh, I also started forever roaming the world during this rest too. If you didn’t know forever roaming the world has only been running since May this year.

Long-term solo traveling


Time to get back on the proverbial horse.

Fast forward to the end of November, I messaged a friend asked where in the world he was. He let me know he will be in Morocco and invited me to join (Marrakech, a spontaneous trip)

So here we are, just under a week away from Marrakech and I’m ready to travel again and it feels great.

It feels great to feel the excitement of traveling to a new country again, it feels like I’m going away to experience something new and not just a normal feeling. It’s hard to explain but it feels new again.

And also what I’m excited about it to share my experience and the thing’s I will learn with all of you guys. So stay tuned in the new year, there will be lots of stories, insights, tips and advice about Marrakech coming your way.


Again guys, I hope you all have a merry Christmas and very happy new year – I will be sending out the final newsletter of the year on the 28th with a November and December post catch-up – So if you’ve not signed up yet do so from below.

I will catch you all in 2018 with more entertaining and honest posts 😀 😀

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  1. What an experience!! I am not a backpacker but I travel with my family at every chance. And when the holidays are long, I do feel exhausted and at times home sick. I guess it’s basic human nature to be rooted that gives a feeling of security, And it is completely ok to feel exhausted when traveling

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  3. I understand how travel can get exhausting. I hated packing and unpacking all the time. I thought having a full-time job while traveling would make it easier as I could stay in one place for a month or more, but it was still a hassle to pack up and leave. Sometimes it’s more freeing to use travel as an escape for the usual.

  4. So it’s true, a world traveler will always be a world traveler! Congratulations on your decision to follow your heart . Can’t wait to learn more from your posts! I am also vowing to up my blogging level (also my travels) this 2018! See you here!!! Happy new year!

  5. Merry Christmas to you too FRTW, hope it’s a good one with a prosperous New Year to follow ! I know what you mean about getting travelled-out, a good dollop of normality soon puts that right before it’s time to get going again! Some years ago I got into the habit of living abroad (mainly for work) which gives another perspective, the daily ‘normality’ becomes quite exciting in its own right and there’s less need to keep moving, though we still do from time to time – happy and safe travels to all !!

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