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Solo travel book info:

Gain the confidence to live your (post Covid) solo travel dreams

One of the great fears we face is taking the first step. It’s the hardest and can stop us following through because of a lack of understanding.

This book provides that understanding so you can take the first step with full confidence, knowledge and insight into long-term solo travel. 100+ questions, concerns and fears are comprehensively answered for you.

This isn’t just a solo travel help book – It’s your open roadmap to becoming a savvy long term solo traveler! 

Some topics Covered

Solo travel concerns

Learn to overcome personal fears and concerns, safety concerns, meeting people & making friends, building the courage to do things alone, and gaining confidence in yourself and much more...

Emotional/ mentality

Long-term solo travel is not always a smooth ride, there will be mental and emotional challenges, loneliness can be a factor, this book shows how you can cope, deal, overcome, become stronger and much more..

Planning/ funding

Planning, researching and funding a long-term solo trip is not like doing so for a short trip. This book shows how to fund and plan to keep your journey going for years not just months

behind the facade

Take a step behind the curtain, learn to spot scams, tourist traps, when to haggle and safe guard yourself, as well as preparing for reality vs expectation and much more...

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Solo travel book info

You, Yourself & the World answers your questions

With travel restrictions easing around the world It’s the perfect time to get excited and prepare for your post-Covid travels

No matter how confident or shy, brave or scared, or if you’re an extravert or introvert, the fears, concerns, uncertainty, and anxieties can sneak up at any point. Everybody has questions about long-term solo travel, some are answered with ease, others not so much.

We’ve all been there and there are times we just don’t know what to do. This book was written after years of helping first time travelers settle into long-term solo travel life by somebody who has been living a nomadic life for the best part of a decade. No stone is let unturned, the questions are all answered in depth but without making it too complicated – Because long-term solo traveling life is not as complicated as some may think.

Whether you’re thinking of or dreaming about travelling Europe, South East Asia, South America or anywhere in the world it’s time to smile. Even if you’ve traveled before or you’re an armchair traveler curious about it this book is a must read for you. Get ready to grow in confidence.

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Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how You, Yourself & the World can help you. 

The book will provide you with: 

about Amit - Author of You, Yourself & the World - Forever Roaming the World

a word From the Author

I was in your position once; concerns and fears were eat away but in 2010 after years of procrastinating I finally took the leap and have never looked back since.

It was by far the scariest but best decision I ever made, it changed my life. So much so, it feels like I’ve lived too live pre and post 2010.

Now with a decade of extensive experience and knowledge I want to help you do the same and potentially even change your life as it did mine.

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This humorous yet thought provoking travel memoir takes you on a rollacoaster journey through Amit’s first five nomadic years. Adventures, wanderlust discovery, and despair are in no short supply as he gets to grips with the realities of long-term travel and learns he’s much more clueless about the world, travelling and himself than he thinks. 

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