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For those of you unaware of the purpose of the book, You, Yourself & the World is here to provide a deeper understanding of long term solo travel. You may be a person looking to do it in the future but have too many fears and concerns to take the leap and that’s perfectly natural.

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I know how it feels, I was once in your shoes, for years I procrastinated and kept telling myself I would do but kept putting it off. That is until one day I just did it, took the leap and jumped. That was back in 2010, and since then I’ve been roaming the world living a nomadic life.

Although there was plenty of information for short term trips, due to the lack of real insights and information for long term solo travel, I had to learn and educate myself along the way.

Now in the experienced position I am, I’ve written this book to give you more insight and knowledge before your trip so you have better understanding, to help combat fears and concerns. Don’t let the fear win!

The book itself is set out in a question and answers form. Each question is answered in both short and long form. The short answers provide more of an overview, while the long answers go deep into detail. It also provides an in depth look at what long term solo travel life is really like. (You can get a sense of how the book is set out through the sneak peek posts)

You, Yourself & the World contains 100+ questions, fears, and concerns you may have from when long-term solo travel is just a little passing thought in your mind to when you’re actually doing it. No stone is left unturned. (Check if your fears, concerns or questions are answered in the question listing)

Please bear in mind though this book is for those of you looking to solo travel 6 months + to indefinitely in the future. And be forewarned, there is no sugar-coating, some answers may not be what you want to hear but they are honest from years of experience. By the end of the book you will have a much better idea if long-term solo travel is for you or not


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