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Welcome to Forever Roaming the World’s You, yourself & the World book page

The book contains over 100 fears, concerns, thoughts & questions about long term solo travel which are comprehensively answered for you.

It’s purpose is to provide you a better understanding of long term solo travel (6 months +, 1,2 years or with no return date in mind.) to combat those fears. It also provides an indepth look at what long term solo travel is really like (there’s no sugar-coating) & how it can change you. By the end of the book you will get a good idea if long term solo travel is for you.

No stone is left unturned. From those questions we all have when solo travel is just a thought, or a fantasy in our heads, the concerns we have, to when it becomes a reality. It’s all covered.

On this page you will find the page to book extracts, a question and section listing page & a signup page

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