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Welcome to You, yourself & the Worlds full section & question listing

I’m thrilled to reveal the full section and question listing for my debut book: You, Yourself & the World on this page.  Feel free to look through and see if your fear, concern, or question about long term solo travel is answered in the book.

For those of you unaware of the purpose of the book, You, Yourself & the World is here to provide a deeper understanding of long term solo travel. You may be a person looking to do it in the future but have too many fears and concerns to take the leap and that’s perfectly natural.

I know how it feels, I was once in your shoes, for years I procrastinated and kept telling myself I would do but kept putting it off. That is until one day I just did it, took the leap and jumped. That was back in 2010, and since then I’ve been roaming the world living a nomadic life.

Although there was plenty of information for short term trips, due to the lack of real insights and information for long term solo travel, I had to learn and educate myself along the way.

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Now in the experienced position I am, I’ve written this book to give you more insight and knowledge before your trip so you have better understanding, to help combat fears and concerns. Don’t let the fear win!

The book itself is set out in a question and answers form. Each question is answered in both short and long form. The short answers provide more of an overview, while the long answers go deep into detail. It also provides an in depth look at what long term solo travel life is really like. (You can get a sense of how the book is set out through the sneak peek posts)

You, Yourself & the World contains 100+ questions, fears, and concerns you may have from when long-term solo travel is just a little passing thought in your mind to when you’re actually doing it. No stone is left unturned. (Check if your fears, concerns or questions are answered in the question listing)

Please bear in mind though this book is for those of you looking to solo travel 6 months + to indefinitely in the future. And be forewarned, there is no sugar-coating, some answers may not be what you want to hear but they are honest from years of experience. By the end of the book you will have a much better idea if long-term solo travel is for you or not.

















You, yourself & the world question listing


  • 1 – How do I solo travel long term?
  • 2- Are there different ways long term solo travel?
  • 3 – What is long term solo travel really like?
  • 4 – Do I have to be a certain age to solo travel?
  • 5 – Do I have to be single to long term solo travel?
  • 6 – Do I have to be a certain type of person/personality/character to long term solo travel?
  • 7 – Why should I long term solo travel what are the benefits?
  • 8 – What are the disadvantages and pitfalls of long term solo travel
  • 9 – What’s the hardest thing about long term traveling solo?
  • 10 – What is the biggest misconception about long term solo travel?
  • 11 – how do I adapt to long term solo travel life easily and quickly?
  • 12 – Instagram and influencers make long term solo travel to sound glamorous though, what’s the reality behind it
  • Pros and cons of long term solo travel (table)


  • 1 – I would love to start long term solo traveling but I have too many concerns, how can I ease them?
  • 2 – How do I ease my families concerns about long term solo traveling?
  • 3 – I really want to just pack my bags and go, I keep saying I’m ready, I’ve done all the research, but something keeps stopping me. l just make excuses not to, like a mental block. How can I overcome this?
  • 4 – How do I know if solo travel is for me, let alone long term?
  • 5 – I’ve never been anywhere alone – is it better to take a short trip first to see if it’s for me and to ease myself in?
  • 6 – I’m very shy and suffer from anxiety. I know I hold myself back but I want to solo travel to break out of my shell and become more confident. What can I do?
  • 7 – The thought of eating and drinking alone is so daunting, how can I you even do it?
  • 8 – I’m scared of things going wrong, what happens If I have a medical emergency or have an accident and I’m stuck alone somewhere?
  • 9 – Do I need travel insurance as a long term solo traveler?
  • 10- What happens if I get lost long term solo traveling?
  • 11 – What if I don’t like long term solo traveling and it ruins my trip to a dream destination?


  • 1 – Is long term solo traveling safe?
  • 2 – What about valuables and my bags, do I need to keep them on me all the time?
  • 3 – What about my money, bank cards and other personal and valuable items?
  • 4- What can I do to ensure I don’t get mugged or pickpocket?
  • 5 – How do I make sure I don’t get ripped off, scammed or conned?
  • 6 – I don’t want to get targeted how do I blend in as a solo traveler?
  • 7 – Are local areas away from tourist zones safe?
  • 8 – I’ve read horror stories online about things going horribly wrong for solo travelers how do I know it won’t happen to me?
  • 9 – What if I make a bad decision, let my guard down, have a mishap or get myself into a situation, or things just go wrong, what do I do?
  • 10 – Is it safe for to off hiking, into forests, up mountains into the wilderness or off the grid alone?


  • 1 – Doesn’t long term solo traveling mean being lonely all the time?
  • 2 – How do I cope and get over loneliness when it does hit?
  • 3 – Will I get homesick and just want to go home?
  • 4 – Will other travelers make fun of me for being a long term solo traveler?
  • 5 – What if I get scared, anxious, panic being in a new place when I wasn’t expecting to?
  • 6 – Sounds stupid but I guess I have to like my own company as a long term solo traveler?
  • 7 – What about mental stress, emotional days, mood swings, will that still happen long term solo traveling?
  • 8 – Will long term solo travel help running away from my problems, issues at home, or my past?
  • 9 – What about health, is solo traveling good for your mental health, physical health, and wellbeing?
  • 10 – What about dealing with things like depression and other mental issues how does solo travel help?


  • 1 – So many people say long term solo travel is life changing, and changes your entire perception of life – how does it?
  • 2 – Mentally what freedom does long term solo travel give you?
  • 3 – I read somewhere that long term solo travel is like being in an alternate reality – How is it?
  • 4 – Is long term solo travel spiritually enlightening?
  • 5- I would like to go on spiritual journey, to get in touch with myself can I do this long term solo traveling?
  • 6 – How do I find myself long term solo traveling?


  • 1 – Will I meet people or make friends long term solo traveling?
  • 2 – How do long term solo travelers make friends?
  • 3 – If I’m constantly on the move, will it be hard to make meaningful connections?
  • 4 – What if I do make good friends and deep connections, so much so that I don’t want to leave?
  • 5 – What if I become friends with people who want to do certain things that I’m not comfortable with?
  • 6 – What about hooking up and relationships how can I do that as a long term solo traveler?


  • 1 – I would love to long term solo travel but there’s no way I can afford it. Isn’t traveling the world expensive?
  • 2 – How do I budget for long term solo travel if I have no end date?
  • 3 – Do I need to calculate every penny I’ll spend so I have better control of my budget?
  • 4 – Is it true that costs will be more expensive as a solo traveler?
  • 5 – My fear is running out of money while long term solo traveling, I don’t have savings or anything to fall back on, what happens if I do?
  • 6 – Are there any specific tips on saving money and cutting costs for long term solo travelers?
  • 7 – As a long term solo traveler do I need to learn how to haggle?


  • 1 – What should I consider when picking a destination?
  • 2 – How do I plan a long term solo travel trip?
  • 3 – How much should I pre plan and book as opposed to winging it as a long term solo traveler
  • 4 – How do I sort out visas and documents if I want to travel through multiple countries but don’t have a set time?
  • 5 – Planning and researching a trip feels too overwhelming, are there companies that can plan my entire trip for me?
  • 6 – Do I have to pick between an organised tour or to travel independently for the duration of my travels?
  • 7 – What do I need to organise, check and what precautions should I take before my first long term solo travel trip?
  • 8 – Are there any apps or websites dedicated to solo travelers?


  • 1 – Are there countries better equipped or suited for long term solo travelers than others?
  • 2 – what if I want to travel through countries less popular, can I do so?
  • 3 – Will I face language and communication problems when long term solo traveling?
  • 4 – What does it feel like to land in a foreign country for the first time?
  • 5 – I’ve never been exposed to different cultures will I get culture shock?
  • 6 – How do I get by if I’m in a foreign country and can’t read signposts, timetables, schedules, street names, menu’s?
  • 7 – Is there any hostility between locals and travelers?


  • 1 – How do I choose what transport to use as a long term solo traveler?
  • 2 – Is using public transport safe for solo travelers?
  • 3 – Apart from safety, what is it really like using public transport in foreign countries?
  • 4 – How easy or hard is it to use metro/subway/underground systems as a solo traveler?
  • 5 – What are overnight buses/sleeper trains like, do I have to take them?
  • 6 – What if I just want to hire/buy my own vehicle, how do I do that?
  • 7 – Is it safe to hitchhike as a solo traveler?
  • 8 – What if I’m traveling through multiple countries, how does crossing borders work, what transport can I take?


  • 1 – What accommodation is best suited for long term solo travelers?
  • 2 – What are Airbnb’s like for long term solo travelers, are they safe?
  • 3 – What about Couchsurfing what is it and is that safe and reliable?
  • 4 – What are homestays and house sitting and how do they work?
  • 5 – What if I want to settle in one place for a while, can I rent privately for a long term lease?
  • 6 – What if I just want to go camping or sleep in my campervan – Can I just pitch up anywhere and is it safe?
  • 7 – What if I just want to stay in a hotel?


  • 1 – What are backpacker hostels really like and are they all the same?
  • 2 – What is the general set up of a hostel like?
  • 3 – What can I expect from my hostel experience?
  • 4 – Are hostels safe for solo travelers
  • 5 – I’ve never had to share a room, or been in a dorm – What is it like?
  • 6 – What’s it like to share bathrooms and kitchens with strangers?
  • 7 – I get anxiety and nervous around new people and surroundings, how will I cope in a hostel and will people make fun of me?
  • 8 – What type of people stay in backpacker hostels?
  • 9 – How easy or hard is it to make friends in a hostel?
  • 10 – Is it true it true hostel friends can be quite cliquey at times and hard to break into?
  • 11 – What are hostel long termers?
  • 12 – How can I adapt to hostel life quickly as possible


  • 1 – Can I solo travel independently but choose to do organised tours and excursions for specific activities?
  • 2- What tips are there for booking individual tours/excursions/trips?
  • 3 – I’ve heard tour companies only take group bookings or minimum of 2 people, will I have to pay for 2 as a solo traveler?
  • 4 – I don’t want to waste a moment of my trip, is it best I keep moving every 2 to 3 days?
  • 5 – What if I want to go off the beaten track, I don’t want to do the touristy things, I want to see parts of the country others don’t – Is it safe to do so?


  • 1 – What are the most important things a long term solo traveler needs to possess?
  • 2 – What if I arrive in a place and don’t want to leave?
  • 3 – Can I get fed up and bored of long term solo traveling or just traveling in general?
  • 4 – Might sound stupid but I’ve never had to do it before – how do I do my laundry or go shopping?
  • 5 – What about taking pictures, how will I take the perfect selfie?
  • 6 – Can I take my pet long term solo traveling?
  • 7 – How do I pack for a long term solo travel trip?
  • 8 – What solo travel essentials should I take with me
  • 9 – Are there specific websites and Apps to help long term solo travelers?


In this section I share more of my personal advice and tips to help you along your journey. 

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