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Solo travel resources.

Why do you want to solo travel?

Solo traveling is not for everybody! Some people think it’s too daunting, others think about it but get cold feet, some like the idea of flirting with it but don’t fully commit. But, then there are those who do, those that just take the leap.

And, that first step, the actual committing to solo travel – that is the hardest step to take. Who am I to say this? Check out the about me page

In my opinion, Solo traveling is one of the most liberating ways to travel, you do things on your own terms, how you want, when you want and at your own pace. However, it can also be a whirlwind of emotions; anything from excitement to fear.

So if you’re planning your first trip or just thinking about solo travel and feel under-prepared, anxious not knowing what to expect or think you’re walking into this blind; don’t worry. Let me assure you we were all in your position at one point. I can honestly tell you even with all the research and planning I did before my first trip I wasn’t prepared.

Getting clued up

Like most types of travelers, solo travelers do their due diligence, planning and researching but there are thousands of blogs and articles out there for first-time solo travelers to wade through but how do you know which of this plethora of information is relevant to you?

I know from experience navigating through a minefield of useless information can be draining and time-wasting. And half the time when you’re actually out there traveling and a situation occur’s you feel under-prepared.

Your first solo budget travel trip will change you, it will teach you, challenge you, test you, push you, it will open your eyes, and at times it will even try to break you. Solo traveling, well budget traveling of any type isn’t always glamorous and rosy. There will be days when you question why you’re doing it, days you will feel lonely, times you will miss home, times when you feel down-right depressed; It’s just part of the learning curve.

This solo travel resource page is here for you, to make things simpler, to give you deeper insights and advice on what solo traveling life is really like.

Solo travel resources

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