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Hey there, glad you’ve found me 😀

Welcome to my humble abode. So this is  your first time visiting? Well just simply answer the following questions correctly to qualify to carry on – If you fail please leave immediately …No, no…I’m only joking, of course you can stay 😀 However I do need to ask:

Do you dream about traveling the world but don’t think you can afford it?

Do you want to backpack the world solo but have major concerns?

Are you looking to backpack long-term but not sure how to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re in the right place – I reckon you should grab yourself a cuppa, a coffee or something stronger if you want, kick back and make your self at home. Looks like you’ve just found your new favorite website.

It’s great to meet you.

Hi, I’m Amit, roamer of the world, creator and owner of forever roaming the world.

So, I Left home (Nottingham; yup that’s right Robin Hood land, England) in 2010 with just a backpack and barely enough money to cover my first month in Australia. But somehow I managed to survive 2 full years, so I just carried on to the next country. I’ve been solo backpacking/traveling the world on tight shoestring budgets ever since.

Sound like something you want to do? Well if I can do it, so can you. I know, you’re saying “I wanna travel but I just can’t afford it, I don’t have the money or I just don’t know where to start.” I hear you, I used to say that too, that was me all over but it never got me anywhere. However I finally did something, I bit the bullet, said fuck it and just did it. So, this site is here for you, to inspire you to stop thinking about it and to do it.

You should know…

I grew up dreaming about traveling the world, be an explorer but it was a far-fetched dream. You see I come from a really poor background, I was a degenerate (We all have a story and a past) and going traveling was simply out of my reach. Like so many others I would fantasize about just upping and leaving, I would watch travel documentaries, YouTube videos and live vicariously through the people I watched…Until I actually did it.

I’m that guy that’s always thought differently to others, lived a life totally against the grain. I actually struggle with normality, I dunno I just can’t live in what society deems to be normal life. I’m that bird that needs to fly with the wind and not be caged. So if that’s how you’re feeling right now I’ve been there, I feel you, I know what It’s like.

There’s that famous saying – “Not all who wonder are lost“…Well I’m that guy that was so fuckin’ lost before I traveled. It was only after I started to roam the world that I didn’t feel lost. In-fact I’m only ever lost when I’m at home – Work that out!

Find out more about me, my story and how traveling went from being my dream to my reality here.

The website:

  • Forever roaming the world was born in May 2017.
  • Since It’s inception the website grows rapidly by the week in views, website visits, social shares and subscribers, So jump on board.
  • My mission is to inspire and to show if I can do it then so can you. It doesn’t matter about your background, if you’re poor, if you don’t think you’re confident enough or if you’re concerned – I want to inspire you to make your dream of traveling a reality; just like I did.
  • A haven for first time solo budget backpackers/travelers.
  • Is here to help but not dictate to you as you plan or start your journey.
  • To show you what life on the road is like through the eyes of a long-term solo budget backpacker.

What to expect:

So I should let you know right off the bat, here on forever roaming the world I show you what backpacking solo on the tightest budgets is really like – The good, the bad and the ugly, it’s no holds barred. I delve deeper into the everyday life of a backpacker, It’s not always a smooth ride. In-fact, sometimes it’s a hell of a bumpy ride.

Here’s some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Solo budget traveling hints and tips, country guides with a twist, insights, galleries, blog posts, stories and memories.
  • Travel blog posts about real accounts of backpacking life.
  • Insights into hostel life and surviving on bare basics.
  • Personal blog posts. (Dive into the tangled web that is my weird mind.)
  • Advice on how to get the most out of traveling on tight budgets, discovering hidden gems.
  • Breaking barriers with locals, being around them and doing as they do and how to blend in.
  • The highs, lows, challenges and struggles that come with solo budget backpacking/traveling.
  • No holds barred, tackling and addressing issues that comes with long-term backpacking/traveling and how to overcome them. (Some content may be controversial and split opinions.)
  • Mental states and battles with yourself – How long-term backpacking/traveling can affect you, change your perceptions and detach you from reality.
  • And much more.

start here - forever roaming the world

Where to go next?

Now, Before we step through the rabbit hole and start your journey with forever roaming the world, you’ve probably finished your drink by now? Why don’t you grab a re-fill…hold on…before you do, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Don’t worry I won’t spam or send you junk mail, we all hate that. The only time I’ll bother you is to make sure you’re the first to receive my new posts (usually Tuesdays and Saturdays) – I’ll shoot you across a monthly  post catch up Email, (last Sunday of the month) and some subscriber exclusives. Your input and feedback is important, so if there’s anything you would like me to cover that isn’t already, let me know and I’ll make it happen. Ok I’ll stop talking now, go on grab your drink 😀


Got yourself a fresh drink? Subscribed to the newsletter? Ready to start your adventure? Right well, once again; welcome and enjoy your stay.

Lets start off with my most popular posts – or keep scrolling down and you can choose from the relevant section. See you on the flip side.

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  7. This is such an amazing and inspirational story! I totally get where you’re coming from and can relate to this story in so many ways! I can’t believe you just started your blog early this year – there’s so much useful content!

    • Thank you so much Nancy 😁 it’s funny how sometimes we can think about something for so long but jist need a nudge in the right direction and we change our lives…you know with the blog it’s something I never saw myself doing, just got an urge and started it haha. means so much to me when fellow travellers and bloggers enjoy what im producing 😁 guess I’m heading in the right direction. I hope you become a regular reader and find value in my future posts too 😁

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  9. Nice to meet you! Although I’ve seen you around before on the ‘net =) Great idea to have an in-depth intro! I’m definitely too much of a chicken to do solo travel, so I’m impressed!

  10. Hey, that’s pretty cool, fellow wanderluster 🙂 I also started my blog in March 2017 and I really like your budget / backpacker travel tips! I’ve actually never stayed in hostels, would love to read more about your experiences in that regard. All the best! and happy travelling 🙂

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