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Start here: Solo and budget travel brings a level of uncertainty the first time you step out of your comfort zone and sometimes you're just not sure where to start. As a long-term budget traveler Forever Roaming the World will help you with...


Hi there, welcome to Forever Roaming the World.

I’m Amit and I’ll guide you through and help you get started with your journey.

But first, you have to answer the following questions:

Does traveling the world seem out of reach for you?

Do you feel lost as to where to start planning a solo and/or budget travel trip?

Do you just want to know what long-term budget traveling life is really like?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place, If not please leave immediately!…No, No I’m only joking, of course, you can stay.

I tell you what before we continue why don’t you go and grab yourself a cuppa, or a coffee or something stronger, kick back and make yourself comfy.


Got yourself a drink? comfy?… Let’s continue…

You might be wondering what is Forever Roaming the World?

“It’s Your sanctuary for long-term solo and (or) shoestring budget travel advice, tips and realism’s.”

Forever Roaming the World was launched in 2017 to help, and aid (but not dictate) you through your solo and/or budget travel journey. And, to show you what traveling life is really like beyond the over-glamorization; we delve into the nitty-gritty.

I was in your shoes once, I understand how getting started can be confusing and even quite daunting at times. Just where do you start? What information is relevant? Just how much should you plan? What will everyday traveling life be like? Are you prepared enough? Do you have enough money? – All these questions can run around your head and Forever Roaming the World is here to help answer them.

So, I should also let you know right off the bat, here on Forever Roaming the World I show and give you deeper insights into what traveling solo on the tightest budgets is really like. I don’t sugarcoat it, you will find honesty, realness and sometimes controversial posts.

Who is Forever Roaming the World?

As you know, my names Amit. I’m from a small town just outside of Nottingham (UK). I flipped my world upside down, quit normality and decided to start traveling the world; that was in 2010 – I’ve been solo budget traveling ever since. To date, I’ve traveled across 6 continents. Over the years I gained a wealth of experience and traveling knowledge which I would like to share with you to make your journeys smoother.

Find out more about me?

about me

Join the community.

Since It’s inception, because of it’s no bullshit and honesty, Forever Roaming the Worlds community grows by the day. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to welcome you into our community.

What will you get by joining the community? – Well, you won’t get spammed or bombarded with constant E-mails. You’ll simply be sent a monthly post catch-up newsletter just in case you’ve missed any posts from the previous month (Last Sunday of each month). Sometimes you’ll get the occasional subscriber exclusives, insights, advice and tips. And just for signing up you will be sent a FREE travel research and planning aid/walkthrough, which you can double up as a checklist.

Simply scroll down to the form and pop your email in. While you’re doing that I’ll top up my drink and meet you back here.

Let your journey begin:

What type of trip are you taking? Which door do you need to step into?

Solo travel – Door number 1

If you are planning a solo travel trip, the solo travel section offers you a comprehensive solo travel FAQ page answering any question you may have about solo travel. It will also show you other aspects of solo traveling like those times you may get lonely, or how you can make friends. Whatever you need to know about solo traveling door number one is your choice.

solo travel resources

Budget travel – Door number 2

Door number two will be for all your budget travel needs. So many people walk into budget travel under-prepared, not really knowing what to expect they don’t realize it’s a whole different ballgame. The thing with budget travel is that It’s not for everybody and for others it’s the only way they can afford to travel. I have to be honest, it can be a grind but it’s also such a rewarding way to travel. If you’re looking to budget travel on a shoestring budget the resources below are first-hand experiences, tips, and insights from a shoestring budget traveler.

Planning – Door number 3

If you are looking for help with researching and planning a trip, I have got you covered with door number 3. Within the planning section, you will find a 2 part comprehensive structured planning aid talking you through just how to start and how to get all the pieces to fall into place. You will also find aids for accommodation and transport in the planning section.

Planning a budget travel trip a nightmare when you're not sure where to start or what resources to use - Forever Roaming the World offers Budget travel planning help to structure and aid you with researching, planning, accommodation, transport and much more...

Tools and resources – Door number 4

Maybe you have all of the above covered but just not quite sure what travel tools and resources you should use for your planning and during your trip. Again Forever Roaming the World has got you covered with options of booking tools, a comprehensive directory of all the travel websites and apps you will need for your trip.

You need useful travel resources like the correct websites, apps, tools, and advice before and during your travels. The last thing you want to do is hunt around for these, especially if you're pressed for time. So, for that reason, Forever Roaming the World has put them on one page to make it easy for you

Start here for Countries.

Want something more specific? Want a practical guide with information about the country, budgeting help, transport and accommodation within a country?

Forever roaming the worlds start here page will continually evolve with new and fresh content.

Did you find this start here page helpful? Let me know in the comments below if there is anything else you would like to know?

If you would like other in-depth solo/ budget travel advice and weekly blog posts come and join Forever Roaming the World’s ever-growing community, we would love to have you.

In joining Forever Roaming the World – you will not only gain access to posts like this but also subscriber exclusives, access to budget travel resources and a FREE budget travel planning aid. All you have to do is drop your email into the form below.

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Start here: Solo and budget travel brings a level of uncertainty the first time you step out of your comfort zone and sometimes you're just not sure where to start. As a long-term budget traveler Forever Roaming the World will help you with...


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  1. Good to know you as a person. I have been visiting your website for quite some time now and reading this gives me a perspective to the person whose blogs i am reading.

  2. This is such an amazing and inspirational story! I totally get where you’re coming from and can relate to this story in so many ways! I can’t believe you just started your blog early this year – there’s so much useful content!

    • Thank you so much Nancy ? it’s funny how sometimes we can think about something for so long but jist need a nudge in the right direction and we change our lives…you know with the blog it’s something I never saw myself doing, just got an urge and started it haha. means so much to me when fellow travellers and bloggers enjoy what im producing ? guess I’m heading in the right direction. I hope you become a regular reader and find value in my future posts too ?

  3. Nice to meet you! Although I’ve seen you around before on the ‘net =) Great idea to have an in-depth intro! I’m definitely too much of a chicken to do solo travel, so I’m impressed!

  4. Hey, that’s pretty cool, fellow wanderluster 🙂 I also started my blog in March 2017 and I really like your budget / backpacker travel tips! I’ve actually never stayed in hostels, would love to read more about your experiences in that regard. All the best! and happy travelling 🙂

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