Broke backpacking New Zealand (new travel memoir excerpt #7)

Living in a picturesque fairy-tale town surrounded by snow-capped mountains also known to backpackers as neverland came at a cost. Being broke all the time – It was nothing new to Amit but the latest precarious situation was. A choice was needed; the responsible one or the stupid one. He and his Canadian friend chose the latter for adventure & laughs while sticking a middle finger up to life. What could possibly go wrong!

Feature pic for travel memoir excerpt #3 castaway trip Australia - Amit Vaidya, Forever Roaming the World

Crazy Castaway trip Australia (New travel memoir excerpt #3)

Adventures could turn into misadventures with the flip of a coin for Amit, even with a new found purpose & a promise that couldn’t be broken. A year & a half into this reality he felt experienced and ready for the latest adventure, but life hadn’t stopped messing with him. Some harrowing news shook Amit to the core, not to mention being trapped with a Kamikaze pilot.



Follow British backpacker Amit’s humorous journey into nomad life. From his early calamitous struggles with solo travel, the odd brush with death, to ghetto snobbing (his words), it’s been a ‘take the rough with the smooth’ type of ride.

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Backpacker to Nomad travel memoir by Amit Vaidya