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Backpacking Nicaragua: Did you say adventure?

Check latest Covid information and travel restrictions here first before planning any Backpacking Nicaragua trip: International travel Covid information  Volcano boarding to the Sunday Funday…Nicaragua is your Central American mix of adventure, adrenaline and pub crawls! This isn’t your usual type of guide to budget backpacking Nicaragua. This overview doesn’t tell you how Read more…

Backpacking Bolivia: Rugged, Raw & delightful! 24

10 easy ways to overcome communication & language problems traveling

Traveling language problems part 4 of forever roaming the world’s Long-term budget traveling realism’s series. Picture this…It’s all started amazing, your adventure is going to plan, you’re living the dream traveling in an exotic foreign country. Full of confidence you’ve decided to venture away from the tourist area and into the Read more…



Follow British backpacker Amit’s humorous journey into nomad life. From his early calamitous struggles with solo travel, the odd brush with death, to ghetto snobbing (his words), it’s been a ‘take the rough with the smooth’ type of ride.

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Backpacker to Nomad travel memoir by Amit Vaidya