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Hi, Welcome I’m Amit Vaidya long-term budget traveler and Author. 

Backpacker to nomad

Memoir release: JULY 2022

How does a 1 year backpacking trip turn into a decade of roaming the world without a plan?  – Join British backpacker Amit on the incredible yet turbulent first 5 years of his comedic journey. From lunatic pilots, jungle mishaps to opium addicted locals there’s  never a dull moment!

Backpacker to Nomad travel memoir by Amit Vaidya

About Amit Vaidya

Heya, I’m Amit Vaidya a British long-term solo and budget traveler,  and published Author.

For the best part of a decade I’ve been getting lost chasing waterfalls deep into jungles, been chased by wild animals (and locals), lounged on paradise Islands, and embraced cultures all over the world. I’m now using my unique experience of a nomad to bring joy to avid long-term solo and budget travel fans and to help and inspire anybody who wishes to take the leap in the future.

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want to get in touch with me directly? You can do through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If I don’t get back to you, It’s more than likely I’m being chased by monkeys somewhere in a jungle. I love them but the affection is not reciprocated. 

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Follow British backpacker Amit’s humorous journey into nomad life. From his early calamitous struggles with solo travel, the odd brush with death, to ghetto snobbing (his words), it’s been a ‘take the rough with the smooth’ type of ride.

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Backpacker to Nomad travel memoir by Amit Vaidya