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Who and what is Forever Roaming the World?

Long term Budget Backpacker – Unfiltered Travel Blogger – Unconventional Travel writer 

This isn’t your typical travel blog, It’s unfiltered, showing you what long term solo and budget travel is really like. I share my extensive knowledge and experience, providing tips, advice, crazy stories, resources and traveling realities having roamed around the world since 2010. All the ups, downs, emotional states, fails, F*&k ups, and amazing moments are all covered here.

Forever Roaming the World will help show you how It’s possible to travel the world on the tightest of shoestring budgets but also keep it real with you.

 Learn more about Forever Roaming the World on the about me page.

About me
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Useful budget backpacker resources

Finding the right information can be like looking for a needle in a haystack for us long term budget backpackers and sometimes tedious work. Below you will find helpful resources to make searching easier for you.

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Useful budget backpacker websites

This page contains over 100 useful websites and apps any backpacker will need for long or short term trips. You’ll find everything from travel websites, accomodation sites, budget airlines +

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Usuful booking resources for solo and budget backpackers

With so many comparison websites and booking tools out there, the resources on this page are ones that have become Forever Roaming the World’s most trusted over the years.

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Useful budget travel products, supplies & accessories page

This budgets travel products page contains the essential products, supplies & accessories you may need, may have forgotten about or just didn’t know about before.

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Long term budget backpacking is no holiday

Long term budget backpacking is life altering. You can lose touch with reality, have the most incredible experiences, meet inspiring people, be introduced to amazing cultures and experience time stopping moments. BUT long term budget backpacking isn’t a holiday, it isn’t just adventure after adventure, It’s not as glamorous as sometimes perceived. There is another side to the backpacking coin. The side that doesn’t get talked about, day to day life, the hardships, the stresses, the mental lows, things going wrong, plans going astray and harsh realities. The traveling realism’s series delves into that other side of the coin. 

Traveling realisms
Where is Forever Roaming the World now?

Come along the crazy unpredictable journey with me!

Keep up to date with Forever Roaming the World’s unpredictable backpacking journey. Even after traveling for so long at any point I could be in a completely different country or continent to the one I expected to be in. Come and find out where the Universe has taken me.

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Need some help with planning and researching?

Are you about to start researching and planning a budget or solo backpacking trip? Have you gone out and bought/downloaded stacks of guidebooks and sat on your laptop full of excitement, ready to research your budget travel trip only to be left scratching your head wondering where to start? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Forever Roaming the World has got you covered. click the button below and you’ll go straight to a comprehensive aid. 

Research & planning aid

Check out the blog!

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