Long term budget traveling realism’s

Long term budget traveling realism’s

Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Long term budget traveling realism’s.

(Forever Roaming the World’s Long term budget traveling realism’s is a series of posts (which you’ll find at the bottom of this one) covering the things you rarely hear about budget traveling life. This series mainly applies to anybody looking to budget travel for 9 months+)

Long term budget traveling realism’s are the things you don’t get told about!

Let’s be honest here before most of us start budget traveling we do some research and planning. In doing so, naturally, our imaginations run wild and we build highlight reels in our minds. We read blogs and watch videos about all the amazing things to see and do, the new countries and cultures we’ll experience. Most of us will fantasize and dream up how the trip will play out, thinking about the people we’ll meet, the food we’ll taste and the adventures that are sure to captivate us.

Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..

These pictures and highlight reels we conjure up in our heads show how our days will be filled with amazing adventures from one day to the next. However, we tend to block out and don’t dwell on anything that might be negative, after-all that’s why we plan and research; to prevent it. Most of us forget to even think about the days without adventure, the transit days, times our funds might dry up or if things might go wrong.

And why would we? They are negative thoughts, we don’t want to dampen our spirits before a dream trip. Sure we might prepare for some eventualities, safety aspects and have a backup plan if certain things do go wrong but how deep do we really think about it?

The harsh truth.

In truth, It’s not always the case that we don’t want to think about it, sometimes we’re just not aware these things will happen. When we read blogs, articles and watch videos, these things are not heavily talked about; they’re edited out. I understand it, I mean why would you want to read or watch something about a traveler feeling homesick or running out of funds?

Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..

So, why have I decided to write a whole series about traveling realisms?

Well, because It’s all well and good hearing about the good side of budget traveling but wouldn’t you want to be made aware of the other side of the coin too? From a personal viewpoint, I wish there was something like this for me to read before I embarked on my traveling life back in 2010. Yes, I did my research and planning, yes there was lots of information on things to see and do; landmarks, locations, events, even places where I should eat. But information on everyday backpacking life, how to cope and adapt when things go wrong – Well it was non-existent and I had to find out learn for myself.

This isn’t about me though, It’s universal. Over the years I’ve met and come across so many people who have been incredibly under-prepared for what long-term budget travel entails and in most cases through no fault of their own. It was because they just didn’t know any better. One of the reasons I started Forever Roaming the World was to make first-time budget travelers more aware of the realism’s of long-term budget travel.

Long-term budget travel is different!

This might ruffle a few feathers but Long-term budget travel is not like normal traveling and it’s sure as hell not like what some Instagramers may like you to believe, it can be fucking hard!

We live in the digital age, fake news is rife and so are fake travel pictures. Now let’s not get confused here, I’m not talking about spectacular landscape pictures, I’m talking about those pictures when somebody might be deep in the jungle, or in the desert or in a conservative country looking like they’re on a modeling shoot. Yes, of course, there might be some luxury travelers out there who might look like a million bucks all the time – but I have never seen a budget traveler looking their best in a jungle or in a scorching desert.

Also, you’re not taking a short trip and returning back to the comforts of your home. You won’t have a fixed address, you’ll have to figure things out on the go, people will come and go from your life and It’s definitely not luxurious.

Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..

Long-term budget traveling is testing, there will be major bumps in the road, things will go wrong, situations will occur and it will throw you – no…Yank you out of your comfort zone. It will test you both mentally and physically and some people can’t cope with it. Sounds harsh I know but I’ve seen people struggle, some even packed their bags and went home because they weren’t aware of situations, their dreams turned into nightmares and they couldn’t cope.

The other side of the coin.

So, the question is, what are some of these situations and the other side of the so-called traveling coin?

Well, as a long-term budget traveler you will experience things you normally wouldn’t on shorter trips. As mentioned above we don’t have a fixed address, we’re away from home for a prolonged amount of time and that in itself can get tiresome. Homesickness will kick in at some point; birthdays, significant events, births, and deaths can be missed. There will be times you feel down, have anxiety, feel left out, lonely, days where things go wrong, run low on funds or get tired of moving around, of packing and unpacking.

Picture for Forever Roaming the World's post Long term budget traveling realism's

There’s also the trivial things, just everyday traveling life when you try not to spend any money, days when you just can’t be bothered, figuring where and how to do your laundry, shopping and cooking for yourself. One one the toughest things you have to get used to is making friends and then saying your goodbyes to people you’ve got close to.

You might be shaking your head saying, “Nah that won’t happen to me, I’ve got enough funds, I’m a positive person and nothing can get me down.”

Unfortunately, these things can happen to any of us –  One of the first things a traveler learns is how quickly things can turn on its head. And, no amount of planning can prepare you for when shit goes horribly tits up!

Not trying to put you off long-term budget traveling.

Now, before you think I’m just being negative and trying to deter you, these are not just my experiences, it’s the experiences of hundreds of others I’ve encountered over the years. And, it’s not the case that I’m trying to put you off.

The complete opposite actually! I’m saying you should travel but as a long-term budget traveler, you should be aware of what to expect.

Wouldn’t change a minute

I can categorically say since I first packed my bags in 2010 and embarked on my nomadic life It’s the best decision I ever made. Long-term budget travel changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t swap any of the bad days I’ve had because It’s shown me what my character is made of.

Traveling; all forms of it can be the most eye-opening, enriching, fulfilling and life-changing experience of your life. You can learn so much, not just about the world and other cultures but about yourself too. And those things you only dreamt of can come true and lifelong memories can be made. Just bear in mind when there are highs, there are lows. And the point of the Long-term budget traveling realism’s series is to help you prepare for those lows so they are not such a sharp blow to you if they happen.

So, with that being said, below are posts from the Long term budget traveling realism’s series – I hope they help prepare you and help make your future travels smoother.

Long term budget traveling realism’s posts:

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More Long term budget traveling realisms series posts on the way .

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  1. Kylee says:

    Great post, I am always shocked when people think that all long term travellers are living the dream. It really bothers me when people aren’t real about their lives and showcase that this is the easiest, best thing in the world and ANYONE can do it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The post is an honest account of a budget and long-time traveller. It is not always hunky doy as it seems and people make it out to be. And you are so right about those ‘perfect travel pictures’. I, for myself never look pretty while I am travelling and a lot of hard work goes to take that ‘perfect’ instragrammable picture. And that happens rarely. 😀 😀
    Thanks for bringing out the reality of long time budget travels. It needs to be told.

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