Long term budget traveling realities

Long term budget traveling realities

Long term budget traveling realism's are a series of posts showing what really happens while budget traveling, things that don't get talked..(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

Welcome to the other side of long term budget traveling…Ready for some traveling realities?

This series of posts covers, the not so glamorous side, the everyday life, and things long term budget travelers have to deal with. It’s the other side of the coin

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(Please note: The posts in this series mostly applies to those looking to or are budget or solo traveling/backpacking long term. I.E 6 months+. To those only traveling for a few days or a couple of weeks, these posts probably don’t have any relevance to you.)

So what is the truth about long term travel and what are these traveling realities?

The truth about long term travel, especially on the tightest of shoestring budgets is that it can be fucking hard. It’s not like normal travel breaks, or holidays and it’s sure as hell not as glamorous as some Instagrammers might have you believe. There will be testing times, there will be huge bumps in the road, things will go wrong, situation occur, and it will throw…no, sorry, yank you so far out of your comfort zone. It will test you both mentally and physically.

Long term budget traveling realities 1

So why do it then right? Well, because through the hardships, the grind it can be the most fulfilling, satisfying and liberating way to travel. And plus, a lot of us can’t afford to travel any other way.

If you can deal with the crap, you will smell the roses and be left mesmerised that’s for sure. But I’ll be honest, not everybody can cope with it.


Didn’t know about traveling realities

One of the biggest factors in some backpackers not being able to cope with it, is not entirely their fault. They just weren’t made aware of certain things before hand. And that’s why I’m writing this series, to help you be more aware of what you’re walking into.

I’m sure everybody did some planning and researching for a least their first trip away, you might be just doing yours now. But in how much of it have you read or seen about the hardships, the things that will happen on a day to day basis, situations you’ll have to deal with? I’m guessing not that many.

Long term budget traveling realities 2

Don’t you notice how most the information we see and read, covers all the awesome things you’ll see, do, eat, stay. For example, you might get information about the amazing night market, but do they mention how you might struggle to communicate. You might have seen posts about just quitting your life to backpack around the world, but what happen when your initial funds run out? When you read about some magical destination, were you told about the back breaking, arduous journey it took to get there? What happens when you’re on the road for so long and you miss home comforts?

These are the traveling realities I wish I knew and been told about before I packed my bags for the first time.


The truth about long term travel isn’t talked about much because…

Since I’ve been on this side of the screen, I can understand more why people don’t like to mention these traveling realities. Travel blogging, vlogging, is a highly competitive sector, we all need traffic to our websites to keep us going. To get that we need to pump the best material, the most glamorous pictures, and show the spectacle of long term traveling. So all the shit stuff, the inbetween days, the less glamorous side, all gets edited out.

Long term budget traveling realities 3

At the same time, there are people who don’t want to see or know about this side of long term traveling, they don’t want to dampen their spirits or have worries niggling before they start living out their dream lives.

If other people are staying away from the subjects in hand, why am I writing a series about it? Because since I started long term budget traveling in 2010 I’ve met countless people who arrive on their first day thinking it will be a walk in the park, only for the traveling realities to smack them in the face hard. It put’s people off, people pack their bags and go home. I want you to be aware of them before you start traveling. Fuck the website traffic (well…)


Long term budget traveling realities 4

Don’t be scared though

Remember, I’m not trying to put you off long term budget travel, I’m just trying to make you aware of potential pitfalls that you may encounter during your journey. Despite learning the truth about long term travel; this is still how I travel to this day.

Being out there on the tightest of budgets, overcoming situations and problems is all part of the fun for me and countless other long term budget travelers.

So, with that being said, below are posts from the Long term budget traveling realism’s series – I hope they help prepare you and help make your future travels smoother.

Long term budget traveling realities series:

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There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page. #travelingrealisms #backpackinglife #backpackingtruths #travelblog #budgettravel #travellife #solotravel #backpacking
There is another side to backpacking that doesn’t get spoken about much. You’ll find a series of traveling realisms posts from this page. #travelingrealisms #backpackinglife #backpackingtruths #travelblog #budgettravel #travellife #solotravel #backpacking
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  1. Kylee says:

    Great post, I am always shocked when people think that all long term travellers are living the dream. It really bothers me when people aren’t real about their lives and showcase that this is the easiest, best thing in the world and ANYONE can do it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The post is an honest account of a budget and long-time traveller. It is not always hunky doy as it seems and people make it out to be. And you are so right about those ‘perfect travel pictures’. I, for myself never look pretty while I am travelling and a lot of hard work goes to take that ‘perfect’ instragrammable picture. And that happens rarely. 😀 😀
    Thanks for bringing out the reality of long time budget travels. It needs to be told.

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